Historic Reflections - Supervisors
Supervisor Mattie May Carter McGlothen {1976 - 1994}
The 4th International Supervisor Of The Women's Department
Of The Church Of God In Christ
Mother McGlothen was born in Tehuacana, Texas.  She was the eleventh of
fifteen children.  She attended public school in Sapulpa, Oklahoma
and college at Quindaro in Kansas City, Kansas.
In July of 1921, she was saved, Holy Ghost filled and
healed of tuberculosis all in one night.  
She married Bishop Wenzell McGlothen in September of 1923, and by 1924,
Mother McGlothen had received her call to the ministry and united in ministry with
her husband as heas pastor of many churches.
Des Moines, Iowa; Fresno, Los Angeles, Richmond, and Pittsburg, California.
In 1933 she was appointed California State Supervisor, and installed
in April 1934.  She was given the Northern area while Mother Hale was Supervisor
the Southern area under the leadership of Bishop S. M. Crouch. 
On December 13, 1939, Mother Lizzie Robinson appointed Mother McGlothen
State Supervisor for the States of California and Washington.
From 1944 to November 1957, she served as Supervisor for all of Northern
California under E. B. Stewart.  In November 1957, Bishop E. E. Hamilton
came to California and began a work with 22 churches which grew to 63 churches
by the time the Jurisdiction was officially organized in January of 1958.
Mother McGlothen was appointed Supervisor of California Northwest Jurisdiction
where she had served faithfully for over 36 years with 5 Jurisdictional Prelates:
Bishops:  E. E. Hamilton, Sr. Martin, Milton Mathis, Clarence James Davis,
and W. Wyatt Hamilton. 
Above Left:  Supervisor Mattie McGlothen;  
Right National Supervisor Lillian Brooks Coffey
Mother McGlothen Is Serving In The Capacity Of President Of Hospitality
In The International Women's Department.
Below, This Citation Of Commendation Was Awarded To Mother McGlothen,
As National Hospitality President On December 11, 1958 At Curry's
In Memphis, Tennessee By Dr. Christopher C. Owens, 
Founder And National President Of The Religious Workers Guild, Inc.
In addition to her duties as Jurisdictional Supervisor, MotGlothen served
the International Women's Department as President of Hospitality for
over 28 years and Assistant General Spervisor to Mother Bailey.
In 1976 she was appointed General Supervisor of the International Department
of Women by the Late Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., Presiding
Bishop of the Church of God  in Christ. 
She also served with the Late Bishop Louis Henry Ford
since the inception of his Administration as Presiding Prelate of the COGIC.
Above Mother Mattie McGlothen Is Receiving the "Special Achievement Award" 
For 51 Years Of Distinguished Service During
The International Women's Convention In San Francisco, California
On May 22, 1975 - Presented By The Religious Workers Guild, Inc.
Dr. C. C. Owens, President And Founder.
According to the records of the Religious Workers Guild,
Mother McGlothen had received this award on this date (May 22, 1975) because
she had already been designated as  
the International Supervisor of the Women's Department in 1975
Perhaps 1976 marked the Official Appointment by Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr.
Above:  Bishop Owens, Mother McGlothen, Mrs. Lucille Basemore
Below, Mother Mattie McGlothen, Bishop C. C. Owens; Left Background Mother E. Crouch
Above Left To Right:  The Late Bishop E. E. Lenox Of Chicago;
The Late Mother Mattie McGlothen;
Dr. Christopher C. Owens
Mother Mattie McGlothen served as a Supervisor in California for 61 
years (1933 - 1994), and as General Supervisor for the International Women's
Department, and Third President of the International Women's Convention
of the Church of God in Christ for 18 years (1976 -  1994).
She had founded, organized and reorganized the International Hospitality;
Education and Scholarship Fund;
Bishop's Wives Fund;
Screening Committee For Jurisdictional Supervisors;
McGlothen Foundation;
Emergency Relief Fund;
We - 12;
Lavender Ladies, Leadership Conference For Jurisdictional Leaders, And National Workers;
Business And Professional Women's Federation;
The Pavillion In Port-au-Prince, Haiti; a home for missionaries in the Bahamas Islands,
McGlothen House Annex, Women's Department And Guest House,
And The Women's Convention Project- "I Am Concerned", were a few of her
humanitarian efforts.  She passed away on May 4, 1994 at her home
in Richmond, California.
Below, Mother McGlothen Is Receiving The C. H. Mason Award From The
Religious Workers Guild, Inc. By Dr. C. C. Owens
Above Left To Right:  Vernon Oliver Price, Lucy Flaff Entre,
Bishop C. C. Owens, Mother Mattie McGlothen
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Below Left To Right:  Bishop E. E. Lenox, Mother McGlothen, Bishop C. C. Owens 
Below, Mother Emma Crouch, Mother Mattie McGlothen
Supervisor M. Mc Glothen