Historic Reflections - Supervisors
The Fifth COGIC International Supervisor
Of Women
Mother Emma Francis Crouch 1994-1997
Above, Mother Crouch Is Receiving The Charles Harrison Mason Award
From The Religious Workers Guild, Inc.
Front Row Left To Right:  Mothe Emma Francis Crouch, Dr. Christopher c. Owens,
Bishop W. L. Porter; Back Row Left To Right:  Sis. Vernon Oliver Price,
Sis. Christine Owens-Jones,  Evangelist Lucy Flagg Enthre
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Willie Mae Rivers, J. O. Patterson  
Pioneer Series
Mother Emma Francis Crouch served as the
National Supervisor of the Women's Department of the COGIC
from1994 -1997.  Mother Crouch was born and shaped in humble beginnings.
She was born on a Texas Homestead in 1911, and was saved, sanctified and
filled with the Holy Ghost in 1930.  She later married Elder J. B. Crouch, who
later became Bishop Crouch and enjoyed family life in the church.
She was a quiet spirit, but was an ardent church worker; and subsequently
her dynamic work ethic of longevity within the church catapulted her into
the spotlight serving as a powerful model to aspiring missionaries.
With her quiet spirit, Mother Emma Crouch started at the local and state level
of ministries and worked her way through the ranks.
She served as Chairlady, District Missionary, and became the first and only
Supervisor of Women for the Texas Southwest Jurisdiction.  In 1956
Mother Crouch by Bishop T. D. Iglehart to that position and served with honor
on the National Board of Trustees.  Her tenure as supervisor was accented
in 1976 with her appointment as First Assistant General Supervisor.
In 1994 Mother Crouch was elevated by the late Bishop L. H. Ford to the rank of
General Supervisor of Women.  Her time of service was brief by the standard
of her predecessors, but, nonetheless meaningful.
Mother Crouch exemplified holiness through her daily walk in life.  By
any standard she proved to be a gifted and dedicated woman of service
and lived her focused life of faith and favor with distinction.  During her reign,
she organized the Christian Women's Council.
Above Left To Right:  Mother Emma Francis Crouch, Bishop T. D. Iglehart,
Mother Dessie Iglehart.
Below Left:  Unknown
Right:  Mother Mattie McGlothen While Visiting Dr. C. C. Owens
And Bishop E. E. Lenox At The Holy Temple COGIC In Chicago, Illinois.
Mother Crouch now rests with those whom she so incessantly labored.
She joined them in rank and on January 6, 1997, in heavenly reward.
Above Front:  Mother McGlothen  &  Bishop Christopher C. Owens
Left Background:  Mother Emma Francis Crouch
Below 2nd Row Left:  Madam Emily Bramm Bibby; 1st Row Left To Right:
Mother Mattie McGlothen, Mother Emma Francis Crouch, Mother Willie Mae Rivers
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