The Religious Workers Guild, Inc.

The Late Bishop Christopher C. Owens was the               President And Founder

of the Religious Workers Guild, Inc. 

In 1957.  Bishop Owens Created And Organized

Various Awards, Including The Bishop Charles Harrison Mason

Award (Created During The Lifetime Of Bishop Mason), Which Was The Highest Award Presented

By The Churches Of God In Christ, Inc., World Wide.  

Bishop Owens Also Created "The Citation Of Commendation"

And Other Awards.

Bishop Owens Was Appointed The National President Of

The Religious Workers Guild By Bishop C. H. Mason

During A General Board Assembly On December 11, 1959

In Memphis, Tennessee.

Bishop Owens Had The Distinction Of Being The Last

Preacher, Either Locally Or Nationally, to Receive A 

                     National Appointment Personally From                   Bishop Charles Mason

Before Bishop Mason's Demise.

Below:  We See Two Separate Occasions

Where Bishop Owens Was Receiving His Reassignments

As National President Of  The Religious Workers Guild, Inc.

For The Church Of God In Christ, Inc.

Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., Was Officiating This

Auspicious Occasion, Having The Support Of

Members Of The COGIC General Board

In The Background.

Above:  Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., Is Officiating;   Immediate Background:
 Far Lef t To Right:
Bishop J. S. Bailey, Bishop O. M. Kelly, Bishop Louis Henry Ford, Bishop F. D, Washington
After Receiving Authorization To Continue Serving As The
National President Of The Religious Workers Guild, Inc.,
Bishop Christopher C. Owens Eventually Designed A New Face
For The Prestigious "Charles Harrison Mason Award" As Well As For The
Citations Or "Certificates Of Commendation" For Presentation To Deserving Recipients.
The Guild Passionately Honored And Served Humanity.
Below We Get A Glimpse Of The "Charles Harrison Mason Award"
Which, As Forestated, Was The Highest Award Of Its Kind Offered By The COGIC.
Religious Workers Guild Recipients
Dr. Mattie Moss Clark
Rev. Jesse Jackson Receives The Charles Harrison Mason Award
Rev. Jesse Jackson received the award for his splendid efforts in securing the release 
of three American soldiers held in prison during the outbreak in Kosovo.
Joining the celebration are members of the community in Chicago, IL, Including Vernon 
Oliver Price and Bishop Cody Marshall.
Below, Dr. C. C. Owens Is Receiving Another Authorization From Headquarters
To Serve As National President Of The Religious Workers Guild For The COGIC.
From Left To Right:  Bishop Chandler David Owens, Bishop J. S. Bailey, 
Bishop J. O. Patterson, Bishop Louis Henry Ford, Bishop C. L. Anderson
Recipient Supervisor Lillian Brooks Coffey
Recipient Dr. Arenia C. Mallory
Recipient Dr. Ithiel Clemmons
Religious Workers Guild Staff
Recipient Bishop Samuel Crouch

Recipients:  Dr. E. E. & Mrs. Martha Dickerson of Memphis, TN
Recipient Bishop Phillip Brooks, First Assistant Prelate Of Bishop Charles E. Blake.
Bishop Charles Blake Is The Current Prelate Of The Church Of God In Christ, Inc.,  (2016)
Recipient Supervisor Mother Mattie McGlothen
Recipient Senior Bishop Ozro Thurston Jones, Sr., Receiving The C. H. Mason Award
Left To Right:  Bishop Moses Cross, Bishop O. T. Jones, Sr., Bishop L. M. Driver,
Bishop C. C. Owens, Bishop Willie L. Porter
Left To Right:  Bishop G. E. Patterson, Mother Willie Mae Rivers, Sis. Vernon Oliver Price, Bishop C. C. Owens
Recipient Karen Clark Sheard
During one of the banquet's of the Religious Workers Guild, Inc., Karen Clark Sheard
rendered a great singing performance.  She stated that even though she
had received all types of awards during her singing carreer, she was more
elated to have received the special award offered by the Religious Workers Guild, Inc.,
under the auspices of her denominational COGIC.  She gave honor and applause
to the Late Bishop C. C. Owens for his caring and sharing.
Below:  Left To Right:  Bishop Christopher C. Owens, having presented awards to
Mary Benjamin (State Field Representative of S. S. Dept., of Western N. Y.),
Mr. Willie Cook, National Usher Board President of Los Angeles, CA,
Albernita (Twikie) Clark (Karen Clark Sheard's Sister), of Detroit, Michigan 
{Award Winner:  Musician and Gospel Singer},
Ms. Lillie McGowan (Missionary and Social Worker, Oakland, CA),
At the Guild's 17th Annual BenefitAwards Dinner, November 14, 1983,
Ramada Inn At Memphis, Tennessee
Recipient:  Dorothy Brown 
Left To Right:  Vernon Oliver Price, Bishop Charles Ford (Recipient), Bishop C. C. Owens
Recipient:  Bishop Frank White
Below, Recipient:  Bishop Chandler David Owens
Recipient:  Bishop F. D. Washington
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We Continue With Our Recipients:
Above, Bishop Christopher C. Owens Is Seen Giving Donations To The
National Church Of God In Christ 
From The Religious Workers Guild, Inc.
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Below, Bishop And Mrs. Ted Thomas of Virginia