Bishop Christopher C. Owens

The Father & Counselor

The Compassionate Friend

Man After God's Own Heart

Confident & Full Of Integrity

Intelligent & Full Of Wisdom

Suave & Debonair

The Honorable Advisor

With A Sense Of Humor

Prayerful Intercessor & Warrior

Deliberating God's Peace & Wrath

The Many Faces Of Bishop Christopher C. Owens Represented His Multifaceted Characteristics And God Given Talents

God's Dynamic And Anointed Visionary

A Brief Description Of Our Vanguard Leader And Founder,

A No Non-sence Man Of The Cloth

At the tender age of eleven, while perusing through the book of Revelation, our  late Pastor's heart was pricked to the point of conviction,  and he gave his life to the Lord. Since that early period in his life, Bishop Christopher C. Owens had always purposed to submit his time and talents as instruments of righteousness to be made more skillful in God's Holy Vineyard.

In 1956, the late Bishop C. C. Owens founded and organized the Emanuel Church of God in Christ in Chicago, Illinois.

The Very Early Beginnings Of The Emanuel COGIC

Somewhat Later During Our Early Beginnings

Bishop Christopher C. Owens

Even Later During The Ministry

The Emanuel Ensemble Started Very Early In The Ministry

Incorporating The Vision Of The Founder, The Ensemble Stepped Up Its Game With Uniforms And Engagements:  Bishop Owens Promoted The Ensemble As The Best          Ac Capella  Group East Of The Mississippi 

With the Founder's Encouragement,  The Ensemble Continued To Sing, Gaining In Popularity And Edifying The Body Of Christ - Even Singing In National COGIC Meetings

Although The Ensemble Is No Longer Functioning As A Group, The Owens Siblings Represent A Fragment Of The Original Ensemble And Have Been, On Rare Occasions,  called upon to sing.  Christopher Owens, Jr., And Countess Musette Hicks Are Now Deceased

From 1961 to 1998 Bishop Christopher C. Owens served as Superintendent of the Lakeshore District of the Southern Illinois Jurisdiction.  He was the 1st Administrative Assistant to Bishop John I. Cobb and Chairman of the State Executive Board of the Southern Illinois Jurisdiction.  He was also Chairman of the Executive Board of Ashley Quality Care, Inc., Chicago, Illinois where the CEO was the adjutant Frankie Redditt of the First Illinois Jurisdiction.

Bishop Chrisyopher C. & Evangelist Elvie J. Owens

Bishop C. C. Owens was a no nonsense preacher, full of integrity.  He balanced his life by loving God's people.

From Left To Right:  Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, Bishop Christopher C. Owens, and Bishop Watley:  The Late Bishop Christopher C. Owens was one of the few pastors which had the distinct privilege of receiving the majority of his early religious and biblical training under the direct leadership and supervision of the Founding Father of The  Church of God in Christ, Inc. {Bishop C. H. Mason}.  It was a great privilege to be honored with the presence of such a Holy Ambassador of God Almighty.  From the appearance of the above facial expressions, It seems as if everyone, including Bishop Owens, was pondering over the awesome teaching being presented in a casual manner by the Late Bishop C. H. Mason.

Pictured Above Left to Right:  The Late Bishop Chandler David  Owens And
The Late Bishop Christopher C. Owens;
They Were Very Dear Friends For Many Years:
 Bishop Chandler David Owens was the Presiding Bishop
of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., from 1995 - 2000.
Bishop C. C. Owens was elevated to a higher level in God's vineyard
and continued to usher God's inspired visions into existence.  
The life long dedication and work of the late
Bishop Christopher C. Owens made him known locally, nationally and worldwide.  
Bishop C. C. Owens was elevated to the
Sacred Office of Auxilliary Bishop on September 2, 1998 at the St. Paul COGIC in Chicago, IL. (Bishop Chandler Owens was the current Presiding Bishop at this auspicious occasion).

After Being Presented To The Bishops:

Left To Right:  Bishop Ocie Booker, Bishop Bonner, Presiding Bishop Chandler Owens, Bishop John I Cobb, Bishop Phillip Brooks, Bishop Cody Marshall 

The Presentation Of The Candidate And The Reading Of The Vows Followed:

And The Meticulous Vestment Process Continues

            And Now, The Accessories Are Ceremoniously                           Placed On The Candidate By Bishop Bonner

Now, Let Us Have Communion

We Present To You The Honoree

And Now, The Vestments Are Placed On The Candidate

The Family Is Present To Support Bishop Christopher C. Owens As He
Becomes An Auxiliary Bishop
He passionately Honored His Dedicated Members!
Bishop & Mrs. C. C. Owens
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And Now, Prayer Is In Order - A very Significant Key To The Success Of Your Elevation

The Late Bishop Christopher C. Owens
Was The Founder And Pastor
Of The Emanuel Church Of God In Christ
Emanuel's Membership
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