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Into Victories
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News Flash
Bishop Christopher C. &  Evangelist Elvie J. Owens
went through many trials, setbacks, disappointments and tribulations,
but they always maintained that God brought them through;
They taught us that there will be a global rejection of God in unpresidented
proportions and civilization will continue to abandon God and reject his
commandments.  They taught us to seek the Lord while he may be found
with all of our heart and all of our soul and to reject this perverse
generation; to reject the very appearance of evil.
Let us go to another level of faith, and another realm in God and chase after Him.
Bishop Owens taught us that
 We cannot go on offense against Satan without confidance;
with the anointing of the Holy Ghost and the authority of God
encourage yourself--the Lord is the strength of my life; whom shall I fear?
Bishop would say that "All God wants from us is for us to want from Him."
Bishop Appears To Be Singing To Us:
"Don't Worry, Be Happy"
"Though an host shall encamp against me, my heart
shall not fear; though war should rise gainst me, in this shall I be confident;
One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after;
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, 
to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his temple."
The Sick And Shut-In
God Is Strategically Planning Your Blessings.
You must fast and pray for your healing!
You must have a faith base that will enable you to have
the desired results embedded in your mind-set.  You must
actually be capable of envisioning your healing 
or your desired requests in your mind
The Memorial Foundation And Web Intercessors Will Continually 
Pray For The Sick And Shut-In.
We Trust God And We Are Praying For Your Speedy Recovery.
Just Believe And Receive Your Healing.
Rest In The Lord
Be Blessed!
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Emanuel's Singers And Musicians
Have Always Exhibted Excellence And God's Anointing
While Entertaining Our Many
Banquet Guests!
Our Guests Were Always Well Pleased With Our Performances
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Cogic Updates
On May 30, 2017, during the 67th COGIC National Women's Convention, the InstalIation And Affirmation of Mother Barbara Mc Coo Lewis as the General Supervisor
of the International Department of Women of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. took place.
Now Mother Willie Mae Rivers is The General Supervisor of COGIC Women Emeritus.
Above: Mother Barbara Lewis McCoo 
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Below we see Bishop Samuel Nesbitt Who Argued For  The Right For Bishop O. T. Jones, Sr. To Become The New Senior Bishop For The COGIC After

 Bishop Mason's Death, When The Executive Board And The Commissioners were against Another Senior Bishop.  Read Bishop O. T. Jone's Navigational Page To Understand What Happened When He Was Elected.

Carefully observe the faces of those Bishops below after Bishop O. T. Jones, Sr. was elected as Senior Bishop of The COGIC.  It seemed to have been a very awkward congratulatory crowd with stunned or sad faces around him.  A picture is worth a       thousand words.  One of these Bishops perjured (by deliberately testifying falsly under oath) himself in court when asked if Bishop Jones had been elected as Senior Bishop.  He will remain nameless for  now.  Go To Bishop Jone's Navigational Page to get a clue after exiting this page.

                                           COGIC  UPDATES CONTINUED!

The Emanuel COGIC, Founded By The Late Bidhop C. C. Owens, would like to announce that Evangelist Elvie J. Owens was elated to receive a beautiful Mother's Day Card from Bishop Drew & First Lady Karen Sheard in 2018.  It was a blessing to be remembered as someone special in the lives of dear friends in the Body of Christ!!

Mother Owens was very thankful to Bishop Drew Sheard and Karen Sheard for the thought.

Thank You For The Thought!!
As I Epress The Sentiments Of My Deceased Husband!
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Bishop Phillip Brooks & Bishop C. C. Owens Were Very Dear Friends!

Above, Bishop O. T. Jones Is Found In The Center Front!

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Announcement For Bishop
Samuel P. Nesbitt
Bishop Samuel Nesbitt is the person who defended Bishop O. T. Jones, Sr. to become the new 
Senior Bishop of the COGIC after the death of Bishop Mason, as seen in the above article.
General Board
Current 2018
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