Bishop Christopher C.
& Evangelist Elvie J. Owens
By virtue of the fact that Evangelist Elvie Owens has impacted so many lives
with God's Anointed healing powers, its obvious that she has a special
God given calling on her life.  In addition to demonstrating
manifestations of God's anointed healings,
she also possesses the ability to efficaiciously expound
the word of God for the perfecting of the saints.
Because of the anointing which overshadows her life and permeates
the hearts of many, God's people have had many breakthroughs and deliverances!
Evangelist Elvie Owens is truly blessed and highly favored.
As the widow of Bishop Christopher C. Owens, she is affectionately
reffered to as "Sis. Road Runner"  within the
First Jurisdiction of Illinois.  Due to the fact that Evangelist O wens was
usually in attendance at most of the events within the D. A. Reed District and the 1st
Jurisdiction of Illinois, she was lovingly given this name by Supt. Harris.
Considering the fact that she is well over a half of a century plus more than 4
decades young, her ability to get around town so graciously with or without her cane,
is a major feat  in and of itself. 
Facing many of life's setbacks and vicissitudes, Evangelist Owens has become
familiar with the fact that what Satan meant for bad, God turned it around
for His own glory.  God told her to step out of her comfort zone,
throw all caution to the wind and be healed from all manner of diseases!
The Eclipse has passed:  her numerous sicknesses, her husband's sudden death
(the late Bishop C. C. Owens), her sudden transition to becomming a widow and
single parent - God is yet blessing her to move
forward in the vinyard as of 2016, because she has been obedient to His voice
and a living flame longing for His presence.  
God has chosen this vessel and blessed her with special attributes, especially
with the gifts of spiritual discernment and healing, and has well prepared her
for battle shod with her helmet of salvation and breast plate of
With her spiritual renewal, commitment, and anointing, it is inevitable that she will
assume a major role in demonstrating the miraculous power of God to the
Emanuel membership and community, and subsequently serve as an incentive
for God's people to consecrate themselves and gird up their loins in preparation
for making the transition from just being aware of God's worthiness to
a position of being seized by a driving desire to dive deeper into His presence
and lead others into His manifest glory!
Mother Owens has continually walked in God's manifest glory, 
considering the fact that she has had several bouts with pneumonia almost unto death
with the near collapse of her lungs each time; falling down a flight of stairs rendering
her unconscious with a slightly dislodged neck bone which required surgery - but
she allowed God to perform the successful surgery; two serious battles with
cancer for which, even though she had surgeries, God disallowed the
necessity for chemotherapy or radiation - she has been cancer free for
approximately 25 years; shortly after her last battle with cancer, Mother Owens had
a light stroke, and after that, a severe case of shingles; as recently as March 10, 2011,
Mother Owens had a slight heart attack and was hospitalized - requiring surgery.
After each battle with illness, God has allowed her to be resilient and to
bounce back - rapidly recuperating, moving about and going to and fro!
As of 2016, God is yet manifesting His glory in her life; she has completely recovered.
We take this opportunity to honor Emanuel's Founder's wife, noble in character,
and unselfish in demonstrating acts of love, faith and trust.
Mother Owens, may heaven continue to smile on you and give you inner peace
and strengthen you to go forth.   As current as March of 2020 Mother Owens
contracted Covid-19 at the age of 98 and had to be hospitalized for more than a month.
But by the grace of God, she beat the virus!
Below, we see Mother Owens (seated center front row) surrounded by her sisters! 
Left To Right:  Lillie, Loyce, Martha And Maddie
Below:  Dr. Christopher & Evangelist Elvie Owens celebrating with Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr.
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