The Bishop Christopher C. Owens Memorial Foundation


We Strive For Faithful And Strategic Leadership

Positioning To Inspire Hope And To

Transform Adversities Into Victories

It is our mission to commit ourselves unto

God, trusting in Him to everything and

to gird ourselves for the conquest of

evil in men's hearts.  We seek the

infilling of the Holy Spirit, the presence

and fellowship of God and all victory

in our daily lives.  It is our mission to

preach the gospel and spread salvation to the

lost and the oppressed, to heal and deliver the

sick and shackled, and to admonish the world

to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with all humility

of mind and to yield to the wooing

of the Holy Spirit.

As God's messengers, we are heralding

the gospel of grace as we encourage

repentance everywhere toward God

and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.  

We pray that the fruits of our labor  

will live on as blessings of God upon us

flow from the foundation of our ministries

and abiding labors of love .  Truly  we are

planting and endeavoring to water, but God

will give the increase as we write God's

love on the tables of the hearts of

people everywhere.  We extend blessings

to you, our brothers and sisters beloved,

our co-laborers in the Lord and our

friends as we endeavor to engage in

active service for Christ.  God is moving

in our day to lead us through treacherous

waters of our generation when even the fate of civilization hangs by the slender

thread of man's judgment and will.

In summary, we are reaching up to

develop a deeper relationship with God.

 We are reaching in to show the message

of faith, hope and love with others, and we

are reaching out to show the good news

of Jesus Christ and to build the lives

of people from inside out.

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