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Historic Reflections
History Of The Church of God In Christ  
Featuring Historic Reflections Of Bishop C. H. Mason, Founder & Chief Apostle
Of The Church Of God In Christ
And Featuring Patriarchy & Matriarchy Forces Contributing To The Exponential
Growth Of The COGIC

The Questions From Exam I Can Best Be Answered By Studying The Bishop
Mason And The Mason's COGIC Navigational Pages.

Exam I - Part A
1)  What did Eliza Mason fervently and constantly pray for regarding her son as a boy?
2)  What was Charles Mason's constant prayer as a boy?
3)  Where and when was Charles Mason born?
4)  What plague almost claimed the life of Charles Mason as a boy?
5)  What widespread devastation plagued Charles Mason's family, as well 
as many black families after the Civil War?
6)  What event, as a boy, marked the beginning of C. H. Mason's call to
the ministry as a lay-preacher {Hint:  First Wave}?
7)  C. H. Mason had a half brother:  (a) What was his name?  (b) What 
service did his half brother provide which ultimately affected the destiny of Charles Mason?
(c) What was the name of his half brother's church?
8)  When and where (Church & City) was C. H. Mason licensed and ordained to preach?
9)  What transpired in the life of Bishop C. H. Mason which tempted him to end his life?
10)  What was the name of the person causing such grief and what relationship
was there between them?
11)  What were Mason's 3 reasons for withdrawing from the Arkansas Baptist College?
12)  This close companion of Mason claimed to have come under the influence of
the "Holiness Movement" experience of sanctification in 1894:  (a) What was
this persons name?    (b) He was the pastor o what church?

Exam I - Part B

13)  This evangelist Greatly influenced Mason's belief in the Pentecostal doctrine of
sanctification; (a) Who was this person?
 (b) How did he become familiar with this evangelist?
14)   These persons were accused of teaching pernicious doctrines among the most
ignorant classes of our people - leading them astray and corrupting churches; tell
what happened to these persons.  Name 4 of them.
15)  C. H. Mason experienced sanctification through the word of God and preached
his first sermon in Holiness from (a) What scripture?    (b) What subject?
16)  Who provided their living room for Mason to continue his preaching ministry?
17)  (a) What was the name of Mason's first church?   (b) Mason prayed for God
to give him a name to distinguish his church from other Pentecostal churches;
What name did God give him?
(c) What 3 Scriptures was this God given name based on?
18)  (a) What Covenant did God establish with Mason concerning the use of this 
God given name?  (b) Where did he receive this prophecy?
(c) This First Church's name was then changed to:
19) What Overseer was Bishop Mason's first convert? 
20)  (a) At what revival did Bishop Mason receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost?
(b) What two persons attended this revival with Mason and in what year?
21)  What are the two known names for the conductor of this revival?
22) The initial evidence of speaking in unknown tongues is based on what
New Testament Scripture?
23) Essay:  Explain what the main disagreement was between the General Overseer
of the "Church of God" Association and C. H. Mason?  What took place during the
3 day discussions at the Assembly in August of 1907?  What was the final outcome
of the Assembly?

Exam I  -  Part C

24)  Essay (A):  Explain the unique and uniqueually important service performed b y
Bishop C. H. Mason to the early "20th Century Pentecostal Movement."
(Hint:  This service was offered only by COGIC to special persons in the ministry).
Why was this service necessary?  Why was this service made possible uniquely
to the COGIC? COGiC Pioneers have always received favor from God, especially
during times of trouble; For this reason, COGIC Matriarchs and Patriarchs
coupled with intercessory prayer, maintained a distinct identity through
3 things;  What were they?
(24) B - Essay:  What other service did the Church of God in Christ offer at
the height of "Jim Crow", 50 years before the Civil Rights Movement?
Explain What were the basic themes of the ministries of Bishop C. H, Mason
and the "Father of 20th Century Pentecostalism? Who graced the Holy convocation
of 1919 and what did they request the Saints to contend or pray for?  What
Miracle Manifestations transpired in later years to cause this fervent prayer
offered by the Saints to become a reality?  This event was referred to as what?
How many years beyond the Convocation of 1919 did this event occur?  And
give the specific year.
(25) Essay -A;  Why was a file opened by the FBI on Bishop C. H. Mason?  Give at
least 3 reasons.  And why was Mason constantly jailed?  Explain some of the
incidents which God allowed to happen to serve as a hedge or protective
measure for His servant C. H. Mason?
Essay B; Explain why Bishop Mason consecrated and appointed 5 Bishops
to the Bishopric in 1933; What were their names, and what states were they
overseers of?  Later, Bishop C. H. Mason appointed Commissioners;
Why?   What were their Names?

Essay C:  According to the COGIC Constitution, what were the appointive powers
of the Senior Bishop?

Doctrine Of The Church Of God In Christ Exam I
You May Refer To The Affirmations, Bishop Mason,
And Mason's COGIC Navigational Pages To Assist With
Answers Pertaining To The COGIC Doctrine Exams
1) The COGIC believes that the Baptism of the Holy Ghost comes to save us!
True___ or False____?  What (scripture/s) is/are used to back up your answer?
2) When one receives the baptism of the Holy Ghost Experience, we believe
that one will a)__________________ according to the scripture:  ______
and b) manifest the______________according to Galations:_________
c) Jesus serves as a _______________________between man and God.
3) After being adopted into the____________, now God is _____________,
Jesus is___________________and the Holy Ghost is_______________.
4)What is the First Wave of Grace (one word please)?  ______________________ 
5) It is in this First Wave of Grace that we need to_________and ___________
our sins, and ask God for ___________________.
6) We believe that the ____________is subsequent to conversion and sanctification.
7) What are the manifestations of the fruit of the spirit: _____________________.
8) Bishop C. H. Mason was converted at what age?________; In what year?______.
9) Considering Bishop Mason's age when he was converted as a boy, how old was
he when he had an experience with sanctification in the year of? ____; age _______.
10) At what age was Bishop C. H. Mason when he received his 3rd Wave of Grace?
(Use all of the dates and available facts - Do your Math)
11) In the bible days, why was it necessary for the Apostles to have Charismatic
12) Why is the Holy Ghost Experience mandatory for man today?__________
(a) and to give us _________boldness.  And
13) (b) to make us successful in implementing_________________of Christ.
14) What represented the "Rights of Passage" in the COGIC?_____________
15) ________________is a Legal Act. 16) _______________is a Moral Act.
17) ___________________ and Sanctification are inseparable.
18) (a) _______________ precedes Sanctification. What does (a) represent? (Essay)
19) Essay (a) What is Sin?  And  (b) What does sanctification accomplish? 
20) Essay - Just as Adam's sin imputed sin to all his descendants, God imputes
what to the believing sinner?  What scripture justifies your answer?
21) ______________is a prerequisite to the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
22) Spiritual life requires_____,  ______, and  _____  the same as physical life.
23) Bishop C. H. Mason was known to manifest what special gifts in public ministry?
24)  (A) The Bible tells us that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God; Would you specifically list the types of sinners reffered to on the COGIC Affirmations
and Doctrine Navigational Page, who will not make it into the Kingdom of God,
and please list the passage of scripture and the verses indicating your answer.
24) (B) Faith and Repentance are made possible by the ________of God.
Faith and Repentance are therefore _____________in the reality of salvation
according to Ephesians 2:8,9.  With this in mind, is it possible to repent from sin
and not turn to God in faith and remain unsaved?  If yes, Explain and give an example.
25) Concerning the Church of God in Christ:
(A) God established a covenant with C. H. Mason concerning the name of the COGIC
denomination; Specifically, what promise did God make?
(B) What is our Affirmation of Faith concerning the Trinity?
(C) What were the 4 main issues causing the 12 year relationship break-up
between Bishop Mason And C. P. Jones?
(D) What specific doctrinal or theological issue caused the disa greement between
Mason and C. P. Jones?
(E) What elders followed C. H. Mason after the split with C. P.  Jones? 
(F) COGIC believes in and practices____________according to Mark 16 - 18,
and The ______________as a commemoration of the Body and Blood of
Jesus Christ.  Give at least 2 scriptures pertaining to this. 

Successors Of Bishop C. H. Mason
Exam I
1) Name the successor who was the first elected Presiding Bishop___________.
2) During his reign, partially because of his leadership, the COGIC grew into
Natiional and International prominence as a leading Christian Denomination.  Who?
3) He embodied what he called the "Golden Years" of the COGIC; He wanted
to take the Church back to its Holiness-Pentecostal, less structured, liturgical roots.  Who?
4) He was a venerable fountain of knowledge and wisdom.  He was always quite gifted
at exciting his audiences with his deep, strong voice and electrifying oratory. Who?
5) As Presiding Bishop, his major theme was "Rebuilding of the Walls of COGIC" Who?
6) Under his leadership, COG IC took the lead among Pentecostals as
an ecumenical Church in dialogue with non-fundamentalist denominations.
Central to this ecumenical thrust was the establishment of the C. H. Mason Seminary
as a member of the Interdenominational Theological Center at Atlanta, Georgia.
Who was responsible for this ecumenical thrust?________________
7) Spanning the Mason, Jones, Patterson Eras, he served as Director of
Public Relations on a National level.  Who was he?______________.
8) He began as an adjutant of Bishop C. H. Mason and came up through the ranks
of the COGIC as a prominent leader.  Who was he?________________
9) He was one of Dr. Mallory's "prized" s tudents at the Saints Industrial School.  Who?
10) He started preaching as a child of about 4 or 5.  His ministry spanned more
than 7 decades; At one point, he was the International President of the Youth Congress.  Who?
11) He was responsible for organizing the Charles Harriso Mason Foundation and
the Presiding Bishop's Benefit Fund which provided scholarships for deserving youth.  Who?
12) He has been recognized as one of the 100+ most influential African Americans. Who?
13) In response to the HIV/AIDS crisis, he founded the Pan African Children's Fund 
(PACF), and Save Africa's Children - a program of (PACF), which currently provides
support to over 220 orphanages throughout Sub- Saharan Africa.  Who is he?
14) He has quoted the 8th Chapter of the Book of Acts as it pertains to the first
expansion of the Church of Jerusalem to validate COGIC's decision of
"Thinking Outside The Box" Who?_________________
15) This "Thinking Outside The Box" as it pertained to the Church getting out of the
comfort zone and launching out into the deep was responsible for what great
move of the COGIC?  ______________
16) Who addressed the Church by saying "Thank you for your support, but I never
want to see the COGIC over whether or not I should have been elected
the Presiding Bishop."  Who?  ________________
17) He was one of the Churches most popular preachers (preaching without notes)
and became one of COGIC's leading advocates for crossing ecumenical, interfaith,
interracial and even secular boundaries. Who was he?
18) He chartered COGIC Charities, which has assisted foreign and domestic
victims of natural disasters.  Who? _________________________
19) He was one of the most sought after speakers in the country  Who?_____________
20) He placed the COGIC "firmly in the public square at the intersection of
religion and politics."  Who?  ________________________
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 For Exam II Of The Successors Of Bishop C. H. Mason. 


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To Complete The Doctrine Of The Church Of God In Christ Exams I And II
1) (a) He brought about "Vision 2000 and Beyond"; Who was he?____________
(b) a project under "Vision 2000 and Beyond" which really caught fire (Popularity) was?
(c) now that you've named this popular project What was it about? Essay___________
2) What Reverend offered The Late Bishop Chandler Owens in excess of one million
dollars for a pulpit address to the Church of God in Christ Saints in Memphis, TN
in an effort to mainstream his heretical cult?____________________________
(b) What was the name of his organization?_________________________
(c) Upon hearing the proposal, Bishop Chandler David Owens responded that
the Church of God in Christ was not "a prostitute or a whore, and the pulpit of this
church is not for sale".  (1) I would like to hear your personal
opinion concerning this response:  Should he have/or not have made this statement? 
(Part I).  What could he have said, either much more or much less abraisively? (Part II).
And perhaps what, if any scriptures could he have quoted in conjunction with his
statement to validate his remark, or what scripture would you have included if you
had given a less abraisive remark?  (Part III).  This is an essay question which will
afford you extra credit!  It will express your opinion, and you will not be penalized
for your response.  Your answer will not be considered as right or wrong; it will merely
be an expression of your personal opinion which will add extra credit to your over-all
test average of 25 points! 
3) Who, among the successessors of Bishop C. H. Mason, openly and vocally raised his concerns that the Church of God in Christ had 
become open to the homosexual agenda, but reminded the COGIC that our Church
was neither "Homosexual Central" nor a place where those involved in the sin
of homosexuality should feel comfortable?  He affirmed that the Church should not
be open to nor affirm homosexuality in any manner!  Who was he____________?
4) Who at the age of 23 accompanied Bishop C. H. Mason to the first Holy Convocation
of Elder E. R. Driver?_____________.  In what city and what year?______________.
5)  (a) This Bishop developed the Willing Workers Topics for the Youth of the COGIC
and  founded the International Youth Congress of the COGIC.  Who was he?_________
6) What Bishop played a major role in codifying our COGIC doctrine (Affirmations of what
we believe)?_________________
7) What was the subject and text of the eulogy given at Bishop Mason's funeral?
(b) Why was this particular subject used at Bishop Mason's Funeral ?
(c) Who eulogized Bishop Mason's Funeral?_______________________
8) Essay:  Why was Bishop O. T. Jones' reign over the COGIC erronneously referred to
as "The Wilderness Wandering"?
9) For the first 2 years of Bishop O. T. Jones' reign there was success, spiritual
growth, and wonderful fellowship within the COGIC; what action upset
certain members of the Executive Board?  Essay.  
10) According to the Constitution of the COGIC, what were the
duties (appointive powers)  of the
Senior Bishop or Chief Apostle and how did Article 9 of the Constitution
restrict the General Assembly?
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The Women's Department
Of The Church Of God In Christ
The Matriarchs of the COGIC were very instrumental in promoting
exponential growth in the Church of God in Christ.
They have made remarkable contributions to the growth and development
of this grand Church.  Their faithfulness to prayer meetings, their
diligence in bible study, their sacrificial fasting and their uniting in fund raising,
and all of their service endeavors tied into a knot, have been performed superbly.
The women, along with the male factors of the COGIC have created an enclave
which through the course of our Church's history, has brought about miracles
which seemed to have "twisted wind and tied water", as the old folks used to say.

The Women's Department was able to establish liaisons with social, political
and educational agencies that raised the status of both members and the
COGIC denominationfrom the margin to the mainstream of
African American Life.
The many feats accomplished by the forefathers of our church will certainly
include the labors of love rendered by the women in the great arena of
Christian Stewardship, for the women and church mothers didn't just sit on 
the front pew; they were, and still are, formidable, invaluable resources 
in the growth, and foundation and organizational structure of COGIC's
denomination!  The preacher is the star and the church mother is
equivalent to the stage manager.
Even before the Civil Rights Movement was fully underway, Mother Lillian Coffey
led the Women's Department in passing a racial justice resolution in 1953
that called for cooperation with all organizations seeking justice, equality
and integration.  Despite racist threats, the Women's Convention helped
to desegregate Albany, New York hotels during the turbulent 1960's!
 Women's Department Of The Church Of God In Christ Exam I
1) Look at the pictures at the beginning of the Women's Section and from Left
to Right, and Top to Bottom, name the General Supervisors in the order that
they appear; also list the years span of each of the Supervisor's reign over
the Women's Department respectively.
Click On Supervisor Rivers, Bishop Chandler Owens And Bishop C. C. Owens
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Women's Department Exam II

COGIC National Women's Department Exam II
1) The 1st Supervisor of the Women's Department of the COGIC believed that
women should stay out of ______________ and __________________.
2) The First Supervisor of the COGIC also stated that women should not wear
short____________ and should not wear open ________ and ________ shoes.
3) This National Supervisor of Women ministered on street corners playing
the guitar and singing gospel songs to save souls.  Who was she____________?
What National Supervisor of the Women's Department was egged because
she preached on street corners and was jailed
because she didn't believe in the 14th Amendment (the right to bear arms)?
4) This National COGIC Supervisor of the Women's Department introduced
the women to the practicality of wearing foundations (Bras & Girdles) for the purpose of smoothing out their figures to wear suits and clothing
befitting for the smart dress culture; Who was she?
5) This Missionionary was a State Supervisor of the Northern Illinois Jurisdiction,
and was among the group of women responsible for inviting Bishop Matthew
Roberts to come to Chicago, Illinois to start a Cogic Mission in Chicago.  Who was she?
6) This National Cogic Supervisor of the Women's Department lost her job
with the Baptist Institute because she was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost;
Who was she?
7) This leader of a group of prayer and bible band participants requested that
Bishop Mason send a preacher to Chicago to start a mission.  She was  saved under
the ministry of Bishop C. H. Mason in a Sunday School Class in Memphis, TN.
Who was She?
8) This leader used to baby sit for Bishop C. H. Mason and was considered as his
daughter in the Lord after her parents died.  Who was she?
9) Name 3 units that General Supervisor Mattie McGlothen Introduce to the Women's
10)  What General Supervisor was appointed by Bishop Louis Henry Ford and
introduced the Christian Women's Council to the Women's Department.
Who was she?
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