Cogic Pioneers
Above And Below We See Prominent COGIC Pioneers  
That We Should Be Capable Of
Recognizing And Naming
Above, we see Bishop Carlis Moody receiving a check for the
Foreign Missions Department of the COGIC from Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr.,
flanked by other COGIC Head Officials:  
Front Row Left To Right - Bishop S. M. Mitchell, Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr.,
Bishop Carlis Moody, Sr.
2nd Row - 2 Center:  Bishop F. D. Washington, Bishop Louis Henry Ford,
Last On Row -  Bishop O. T. Jones, Jr.
Bishop Carliss Moody is currently (2016) a member of
First Jurisdiction Illinois, where Bishop Ocie Booker is The Ecclesiastical Prelate.
Mother Shirley Hughes is the State Supervisor. 
Below:  Bishop Ocie Booker And Supervisor Shirley Hughes
Above, Bishop Ocie Booker (2nd From Left) Celebrating
With Bishop Christopher C. Owens,  Bishop Phillip Brooks, Bishop Works
And Others.
 Below, Mother Shirley Hughes, Who Is The Awesome Pastor Of The 
Inspirational Deliverance COGIC, Is Receiving A Citation Of Commendation
From The Religious Workers Guild, Inc., By The National President Of The Guild,
Bishop C. C. Owens.
Bishop Carlis Moody was saved in 1944, and accepted the call
to preach in July, 1946 in the city of Waukegan, Illinois.  In October of 1950,
he was ordained to preach by the Late Bishop W. M. Roberts. 
At the age of 16 he established a small church in Waukegan, Il on Market Street
with approximately 40 members.  Bishop Moody served as Youth Pastor at
St. James Temple, and as the District Sunday School Superintendent for the
North Shore District from 1952 to 1957.  On September 3, 1955 Bishop Moody married
Mary Alice Byrd, who joined him in the ministry.
In 1956 Mother Sadie Adams and her son, Elder Eugene Adams, went to the Late
Bishop L. H. Ford and asked him to send Bishop Moody to Evanston, IL to
establish a church.  Bishop Moody went to Evanston, IL on January 7, 1957 and 
organized a church of only 6 members.  He named this church Faith Temple and
the Lord confirmed this name in the scriptures - Philippians 4:6-7.  The church grew
from 6 members to well over 200 families and well over 600 members.  In 1975
Bishop Moody was appointed the International President of the Home and Foreign
Missions Department of the Church Of God In Christ, Worldwide, which now serves
over 80 Countries.  As the International President, Bishop Moody serves as overseer  for all local and foreign mission initiatives.
 In 1982 Bishop Moody completed his 
studies in the International Bible Institute and Seminary, obtaining both a Bachelor
and Masters of Ministry.  Bishop Moody was also consecrated as Missionary
Bishop in the Church Of God In Christ.  In 1986 Bishop Moody was appointed as
Jurisdictional Bishop for the Republic of Germany.  In 2004, Bishop Moody was
notified that he was selected to receive the biennial award of an
Honorary Doctorate of Divinity.  This prestigious distinction  was given to
Bishop Carlis Moody, Sr., by the Interdenominational Theological Center/Charles
Mason Theological Seminary.
Bishop Carlis L. Moody, Sr., The International President of the Missions Department
of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., made it possible for a host of participants to
take part in a processional during the State Holy Convocation of The First
Illinois Jurisdiction in August, 2011, which displayed the flags representing many of
the Foreign Nations around the world which have been impacted by the Kingdom
Ministry of the Foreign Missions Department of the Church of God in Christ.
(over 80 countries to date - in 2017).
Bishop Moody tirelessly traveled the globe, sharing the gospel, character and nature
of Jesus Christ!  Because of his devotion to missions, millions of lives, in more than
50 countries, have been touched by the saving, healing, forgiving, delivering and
the sanctifying power of Jesus Christ.
Below, just to name a few countries for which Carlis Moody has preached in or
Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Belgian, Bermuda, Bolswana, Brazil,
Caicos, Canada, China, Columbi, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt,
England, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Haiti, Hong Kong, India,  Israel,  Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Liberia, Malawt, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria,
Norway, Panama, Philippians, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa,
Spain, St. Thomas, Sweden, Thailand, Trinidad, Turks Island,
And the list goes on!!  Currently (2018), Bishop Matthews is carrying on Bishop
Moody's assignment in the foreign field.  As of 2020 the COGIC is present in 107 +
countries.  Bishop Moody went to be with the Lord in 2020.
Below, Bishop Carlis Moody is seen in the center of the photo wearing
an awesome black and gold robe and scull cap.  He and the Missions Department
have been major factors in continuing the exponential growth of the
membership of the Church of God in Christ on an International level.
And The Flag Processional Continues!
And The Flag Processional Continues!
Below:  Bishop Lorenzo Kelly  ~  Alive Again!!
"ALIVE AGAIN" ~  A Miraclulous Memoir By Bishop Lorenzo Kelly
"Alive Again" is the book of the century - a must read!  
This is miraculous story of Bishop Lorenzo Kelly, one of COGIC's Vanguard Leaders,
and he was an anointed vessel of God who flatlined
a total of 7 times as a result of a "Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm!"
Bishop Kelly is pictured above addressing the 54th Holy State Convocation
of the First Illinois Jurisdiction at the Emil & Patricia Jones Convention Center,
at the Chicago State University (August, 2010 - he is still alive as of 2016).
He explained how God navigated his disembodied soul through space:
(According to his attorney:  Allen Scovel),
"He Saw The Marvels And Holy Light Of Heaven And The Terror And Torture Of Hell!"
Bishop Kelly stated that God allowed him to float in the ceiling and to watch
the surgeons as they worked on him; He also watched his sister and his wife
praying for him from the ceiling of the surgery room!
As he was being transformed through space, he heard his wife saying,
"Lorenzo, come back here; Death, you cannot have him!"
During the course of having eighteen inches of his aorta replaced within a 10
hour long surgery, Bishop Lorenzo Kelly was bombarded with painful and
distressing complications, and encountered many terrible set-backs - the
descriptions of which are going to keep your eyes glued to the script.
This memoir is guaranteed to strengthen your faith and to impact your walk
with God.  Its a set-up to stratigically position you to have hope and inspiration
for an abundant life, and to expect God to transform your adversities into victories!
You must purchase this miraculous and inspiring memoir written and experienced by
Bishop Lorenzo Kelly.  God delivered Bishop Kelly and he will most assuredly
 deliver you. Copies may be purchased from Bishop Austin in Chicago, IL, or
Bishop Carlis Moody, Sr. in Evanston, IL.  Bishop Kelly's phone number in 2010
was 605-342-4448 - Soft Cover $15;  Hard Cover - $25 + $3 Shipping and handling.

Incidentally, Bishop Kelly was a former member of Faith Temple under the
Leadership of Bishop Carlis Moody, Sr.
You may listen to Bishop Lorenzo Kelly preaching during the Holy Convocation
in Memphis, Tennessee in 2009 at the Morning Manna where he
discusses his ordeal with death.
You may go to You Tube and type in Bishop L. Kelly Part 1 of 6 of Morning Manna;
"      "  2 of 6 of Morning Manna;  "   "   3 of 6 ;  4 of 6;  5 of 6;  6 of 6;
Bishop Lorenzo Kelly Debuts on TBN Part 1
Bishop Lorenzo Kelly Debuts on TBN Part 2
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Immediately Above, Left To Right, Bishop Ocie Booker, Bishop C. C. Owens,
Bishop Ted Thomas;   Below, At Pulpit  -  Bishop Carlis Moody, Sr.,
Standing In The Foreground:  Left:  Bishop Charles Ford, Right:  Bishop Lorenzo Kelly
Bishop Ocie Booker, Prelate Of First Illinois Jurisdiction, Presents Bishop Carlis Moody, Sr., For Presentations And Expressions During The State Holy Convocation in 2011.
Elder S. E. Mitchell
The Late Elder S. E. Mitchell of Dallas, Texas was a
great COGIC Pioneer that you should know.  
It is not our intention to give a biography of this dynamic gospel preacher,
but we want our readers to be impacted by the great faith demonstrated by this
man of God and his wife.  Elder S. E. Mitchell had become extremely ill,
and because he was a man of great faith, he had refused to go to the hospital.
However, at the last minute, some of his preacher associates rushed him to the
hospital anyway.  Wouldn't you know it?  He refused to receive surgery for
appendicitis, and subsequently died from a burst appendix {January 23, 1965}.
He was pronounced dead, covered with a sheet and rolled into the hallway. 
15 minutes after Elder Mitchell had been pronounced dead; his wife finally
entered the hospital and the area where his dead body was located,
and immediately pulled back the sheet and began praying loudly:
she was asking God why did this happen; she reminded God of promises
that he had given to her husband and that he had not yet completed his 
assignment; at this point she commanded her husband to come to life because
God was not ready to discharge him from his assignment.
As you can imagine, there was complete mayhem in the area - the doctors
and nurses were trying to get these preachers and this "crazy woman"
out of the area without the noise and commotion. 
Her faith was so strong that it didn't matter that his tongue had gone up to the roof
of his mouth, or that his bowels had locked up, or that his veins had collapsed, or
that his blood stream was infiltrated with poisonous fluids. 
But she refused to stop praying and commanded her husband to open  
his eyes!  By now Mitchell's wife was hysterically pleading with God for 
her husbands life while the doctors and nurses were trying to regain some
semblance of order - in the midst of this confusion, Mitchell's wife commanded
him a 3rd time to open his eyes; Now, being
dead for over 20 minutes, Mitchell opened his eyes
while simultaneously spewing out of his mouth a green poisonous mucous.
Complete pandimonium had now ensued - the doctors and nurses
were now hysterical, and out of shock, due to the fact that
they heard him as he also began speaking in unknown tongues; they assumed that
these strange sounds were a result of the poison reaching and affecting
his brain!  The nurses and doctors were screaming
and running around the the area trying to figure out their
next move!  Elder Mitchell was miraculously alive again!
God is purposeful and never does anything without a plan; everything is
done by design.  As the doctors regained order and their composure,
they informed Mitchell's wife that her husband will never talk or walk again;  
He will be a vegetable for the rest of his life!  His brain would be
completely damaged due to the fact that it was deprived of oxygen
for over 20 minutes.  Mitchell's wife refused to believe in the doctor's report;
she believed in God's promises.  It was the God factor - she accepted God's report.
So, she went to the hospital day in and day out praying and ministering
to her husband at approximately the same time.  Her faith was
unwaivering and she dismissed fear of the doctors' reports.  She believed
that fear tolerated represented faith contaminated.  Finally, as she walked towards
Mitchell's room,  he heard her foot steps, and as God would have it in his
master plan, Elder Mitchell slowly walked with a major limp and met her at the door. 
She excitedly and loudly praised God Almighty!  Then the medical doctors told her that he
would never talk - that it was impossible.  Her faith never diminished and in time 
he began talking, never loosing his wit and remarkable ability to quote
scriptures almost verbatum.  After realizing that they were wrong
concerning all of their predictions, the doctors analyzed the
facts and concluded that there was no medical explanation for these
astonishing events and had to refer to his complete recovery, which was
conflicting all medical knowledge, as a miracle from God!  Some of the doctors
and nurses who witnessed this miracle were saved, and the accounts of this miracle
were documented in the New York Medical Journal.
Elder Mitchell maintained his shrewd mind, and fast thinking and quoting scriptures - never
being at a loss for words throughout the remainder of
his preaching career.  There was absolutely
nothing damaged concerning his meantal faculties; he had a slight limp, used a cane 
and was a suave and debonair dresser.  He lived for another 15 years after his first death.
To God Be The Glory!  I Will List Some You Tube Videos Below So That
You May Listen To Him Expounding The Gospel!
Below, Elder Mitchell Is Expounding The Gospel
Above Left to Right:  Bishop C. C. Owens is Presenting A Citation Of Commendatiion
To Bishop F. L. Haynes Of The Texas Northwest Jurisdiction; Elder S. E. Mitchell
Is Seen In The Center;  Bishop Haynes Is On The Far Right;
To Hear S. E. Mitchell Speak:  Go To You Tube
Type In The Late Elder S. E. Mitchell - Remember Old Time Holiness
Elder S. E. Mitchell On COGIC Today Part 1
Elder S. E. Mitchell On COGIC Today Part 2
Evangelist S. E. Mitchell Part 1
Elder S. E. Mitchell - Revive Me 2  (There should Also Be A Revive Me  Part 1)
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Mother Rosa Hooker was a loyal pioneer of the
Church of God in Christ, and a faithful member of the Holy Temple
Church of God  in Christ for a number of years.  During the time of her
membership at Holy Temple,
the Late  Bishop E. E. Lenox was her pastor.  
Being a great bible scholar, powerful intercessor
and prayer warrior and, more importantly, a steadfast servant of God,
Mother Hooker maintained an unswerving adherence
to God's word.  She  loved to expound the gospel to the masses,
and witnessed repentance from many of her students who
attended  her Sunday School classes.
Mother Hooker became a very dear friend of Dr. Christopher C. and
Evangelist Elvie J. Owens and family who, at the time, were members
of the Holy Temple COGIC.  As a matter of fact, she and Mother Owens were
not only close friends, but also dedicated prayer partners; the Owens children
were, in the past and yet today, close friends with the Hooker children.
Actually, when Mother Hooker passed away, the Hooker girls adopted
Mother Elvie Owens as their Mother in the Lord.
Mother Hooker always loved to sing and while under the anointing, she would
have her daughter, Shirley Ann Hooker, who was at the age of 4 or 5,
stand in a chair at Holy Temple and pray for the Saints.  The child was anointed
and had a calling on her life; many of the Saints were healed by the laying on of hands.
This daughter is presently continuing the legacy of Mother Hooker and was
appointed as pastor of the Inspirational Deliverance Center Church of God in Christ
by Bishop Louis Henry Ford.  It is commendable
that Mother Hughes' siblings are loyal members of her church.
Mother Shirley Hughes has built
from the ground a beautiful sanctuary, has burned the mortgage and has 
recently been appointed the State Supervisor of the First Jurisdiction of Illinois 
by Bishop Ocie Booker, Jurisdictional Prelate.
Below Left To Right:   Evangelist Countess M. Owens-Hicks,
Supervisor Shirley Hughes, and Evangelist Elvie J. Owens 
Mother Rosa Hooker
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Bishop William M. Roberts
Bishop William Matthew Roberts, overseer of Illinois, was the father of
the Late Bishop Isaiah Roberts of Chicago, Illinois.
Bishop W. M. Roberts took all of his family's savings of only $100 and, with the leading
of the Lord, used the money to bail Bishop Mason out of jail.
Bishop W. M. Roberts was also among the First Five Overseers
of the COGIC to be consecrated to the Office of the Bishopric in 1933.
As one of the early pioneers of the COGIC, Bishop W. M. Roberts made many serious
sacrifices to promulgate the gospel and impact the exponential
growth of the Church of God in Christ. 
Below Left We See Bishop Roberts, An Important Confidant Of Mason's Cabinet;
Center, Chief Apostle Of The COGIC, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason;
One Of Mason's Generals, Who Was Coached By Mason Since Before He Was 23 Years Old,
Bishop Ozro Thurston Jones, Sr.
Below, Supervisor Shirley Hughes Is Being Presented An Achievement Award
From The Religious Workers Guild, Inc.,
By  Bishop Christopher C. Owens, The Founder And National President Of The Guild
Below, During A COGIC International Women's Convention,
Mother Shirley  Hughes Was
Offically Installed As A Jurisdictional Supervisor By Mother Willie Mae Rivers 
Bishop W. M. Roberts was invited to come to Chicago by a group of women:
They were Sis. Lillian Brooks (later Coffey), Sis. Anna Davis, Sis. Mary Duncan (later Davis),
Sis. Mary Pierce, Sis. Olina Lerge and others (13 women in all) - at the time, there
was no COGIC in Chicago.  Bishop Roberts had served under Bishop C. H. Mason
in Memphis, Tennessee prior to 1916.  Certainly Mother Coffey 
had communicated with Bishop Mason requesting that he send a preacher to
Chicago (preferably Elder W. M. Roberts ) since several pastors had abandoned
the mission, for they had said that it was impossible to plant a holiness church
in such a rebellious and wicked city as Chicago.
Bishop Roberts accepted the offer and brought his one son Isaiah Roberts with
him (one out of ten children), and later in 1917, accompanied by his wife and 9 more
children, moved to Chicago and established a ministry.
So, it would be safe to say that the prayer band which was organized by
Mother Lillian Brooks Coffey became the first Church of God in Christ in Chicago.
After moving his missions twice (31st & Lasalle and 37th & Federal), in 1925
Bishop W. M. Roberts and the Saints acquired 2 lots at 40th and State,
and Roberts moved his congregation to 40th an d State where he
built a church from the ground - "Roberts Temple COGIC".
Bishop W. M. Roberts saved souls and promulgated the gospel
throughout the region.  As a matter of fact, Roberts Temple located at 40th and State,
was the first COGIC Church in Illinois, the first denomination in Illinois to
broadcast on the radio, and the first church in Chicago from which
Dr. C. C. Owens preached in 1944.  Bishop Roberts served as Overseer for
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Arkansas, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin.
Many preachers who gained prominance in the ministry "sat at his feet".
Some were elders:  Carey White who came to Chicago
and joined him from Memphis, 
Bishop O. M. Kelly, Bishop F. G. Green, Bishop E. E. Lenox,
Bishop Cain Scott,  and Bishop J. O. Mason.  
The names of his children were:  Callie, Minnie Pearl, Mamie, Gertrude, Isaiah,
Willie, Ruth Naomi, Carrie, John Paul and Robert.
During the Women's Convention, under the Presidency of Mother Lillian
Brooks Coffey, Bishop W. M. Roberts, again surrounded by praying women
(the same group of women mentioned previously), slipped away home to be
with the Lord.
Below Left To Right:  Bishop E. E. Lenox, Prelate of The Southern Illinois Jurisdiction;
seen with the eldest son of Bishop W. M. Roberts:  
Bishop Isaiah Roberts who was the Prelate of The Northern Illinois Jurisdiction
at the time.
After the demise of his father, Bishop Isaiah Roberts took over his father's
church - Roberts Temple COGIC at 40th & State Street in Chicago, Illinois.
Below, Bishop Isaiah had been presented with an Achievement Award from the
Religious Workers Guild, Inc.,
Left To Right:  Religious Guild National President, Bishop C.C. Owens;
Bishop E. E. Lenox, Bishop Isaiah Roberts, Unknown; 
Below, Click On Bishop C. C. Owens  To Surf To The Top Or Continue To Scroll Down
Bishop Lorenzo Kelly
Bishop Carlis Moody, Sr.
Elder D. J. Young
D. J. Young was a constant companion of Bishop C. H. Mason.  He was 
a member of the associatiion formed by C. H. Mason, Charles Price Jones,
and others in 1895.  He was also a part of the committee which included
C. H. Mason, and J. A. Jeter and charged with the task of reporting on
the Azusa Street Revival officiated by William J. Seymour in Los Angeles, California.
After attending the Azusa Street Revival in March and April of 1907,
D. J. Young, along with C. H. Mason and J. A. Jeter, received the baptism of the
 Holy Ghost accompanied with speaking in tongues according to
Acts 2:1-4.  D. J. Young was among the congregation and preachers who
left the General Assembly of Charles Price Jones with C. H. Mason
when Mason was ex-communicated from the Church of God association
in August of 1907, because of his belief in the New Testament Gospel
concerning the baptism of the Holy Ghost. 
D. J. Young remained with Mason throughout the legal organization of the
Church of God in Christ (September of 1907), and became the editor of the
new periodical of the denomination - "The Whole Truth".
D. J. Young ministered in Pine Bluff, Arkansas for 7 years and established a
church in Beaumont, Texas where membership grew from 50 to 250.  D. J.
Young, the first representative appointed to the Daallas, Texas region,
met with a great deal of opposition from unified community homes, other
churches and schools.  There was bitter opposition against the COGIC
church and the pastor.  It seemed that the organization's efforts in Dallas
were doomed until in January 1914 Bishop C. H. Mason, after carefully assessing
the situation, "sent the young, energetic and astute Elder E. M. Page to take
charge of the Church".  Page's reply to the stories of woe from the discouraged
members was the reassuring statement: " If God is for you, He is more than a
whole world against you, the church will carry on!"  And so it
went with Page's decisive leadership.  With D. J. Young, the level of persecusion
was so widespread in Dallas, Texas in certain quarters that it flared into
outbursts of violence, vandalism and sabatage against members
and property of their church.  Nevertheless D. J. Young's efforts in
spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, and aiding in the exponential growth
of the COGIC denomination was necessary, deeply felt, and greatly rewarded;
He was one of COGIC'S great pioneers.
Below, Click On Bishop Owens To Surf To The Top Or Continue To
Scroll Downward To Read About Bishop E. M. Page
Bishop E. M. Page
Above Left To Right:  Bishop C. H. Mason, Bishop E. M. Page
E. M. Page, the first Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, who eventually
was assigned as the Overseer of the State of Texas,
wrote this passage in his autobiography:  "I was deprived of a schoolroom
education. However, I was undaunted in my quest for literary traing.  I
studied hard at home by the scant light from the old pine knot fire.  
Laboring under untoward circumstances, ie., meager recources,
poor facilities, hard labor, with approximately 9 months in the
school room, exemplifies the object lesson of this story; 
The fact of the matter is that God can make a man.
Not a self-made man, but a God made man."
Like many blacks whose life was marked by the rise of Jim Crow, 
peonage systems of labor, political disenfranchisement, Page decided
to educate himself against all odds, an earnest quest for progress that
many early observers of Black Pentecostals overlooked. They tended to
concentrate on the dancing down the isles of men and women or on people
collapsing under the spirit. In all the clamor, the unique story of Black
Pentecostal's progressive ideals was muted.
The early Texas COGIC leader E. M. Page countered claims of "otherworldliness" 
by embracing the Progressive era, particularly its emphasis on social uplift
through civic involvement and education.  E. M. Page's foresight and example
made him the perfect champion for the COGIC in Texas.
He was born on the Martin Stubblefield farm in Yazoo County, Mississippi,
May 9, 1871.  The eldest son of Richard and Pollie Ann Page, his firsthand 
knowledge of the rigors of rural life helped him develop the leadership
and organizational skills needed to guide the early Church
of God in Christ in Texas.  
More diplomatic than his predecessor, D. J. Young, Page won almost
universal praise and respect from the community.  As opposition decreased, the 
membership of the church grew to more than 100 from January to May of 1914.
As a "reward for Page's outstanding contribution to the Dallas Church,"
Bishop C. H. Mason appointed him Overseer of Texas at the State
Convocation held in Houston, Texas in July of 1914.
This convention took place at the "Mother" COGIC Church of Texas
(Center Street Church, now "First COGIC") - founded in the Bayou City in 1909 .
Page Temple in Dallas, named in honor of E. M. Page, and an unamed church
in Hilsboro vie for 2nd place.
From 1914 on, the COGIC organization's efforts were defined by
establishing churches and encouraging education.  The COGIC Educational
Board first considered founding a "Holiness" in Texas at a "Ministers' and
Workers' Meeting" in 1917, ten years after C. H. Mason founded the denomination
and only two years after E. M. Page assumed the position as Overseers COGIC
efforts in Texas.  Page Normal Industrial and Bible Institute was one of
3 COGIC schools established in the United States South.
Saints Industrial and Literary School located in Lexington, Mississippi, though
conceived the same year, was the first, and the Bible College in 
Little Rock, Arkansas, the second.  In 1918 the Texas COGIC Educational Board
purchased 268 acres in Hearne on Henry Prairie Road, where the administration
building and the girls dormitory fpr the Page Normal Industrial and Bible Institute
were the first two edifices constructed.  O. T. Jones, Sr., in addition to offering
character building lessons to students, demonstrated his commitment
in educating COGIC youth during the Eighteenth Annual Convention of
the COGIC in 1926, by donating $50 of the total $394 pledged for 
educational work.  Bishop C. H. Mason matched the donation of O. T Jones, Sr.
Contrary to popular belief, the pioneers of the Church of God in Christ
have always placed top priority on education  -  as according to the scriptures,
"study to show yourself approved." 
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Bishop R. F. Williams
Bishop R. F. Williams, the 2nd from the left on the flyer above, was
among the first 5 bishops who were selected and consecrated
for the Bishopric by Senior Bishop C. H. Mason as bishops to serve as
overseers in the Church of God in Christ denomination in 1933.
This was a;so the man which Bishop Mason chose to become the
builder of our National Headquarters which is Mason Temple Church
of God in Christ, 958 S. Fifth Street, Memphis, Tennessee,
which had been changed to 958 S. Mason Street.
He was the first National Chairman of the Church of God in Christ,
and he was the first one to be appointed by Bishop Mason to be
the National Chairman of the Church of God in Christ, Inc.
Bishop R. F. Williams was born in St. Francisville, Louisiana, 33 miles
from Baton Rouge; he was born 5 miles in the country on the farm,
in May 1897, to Albert and Vina Williams.  His father died before  he was born,
but he was reared by an uncle, Frank Haywood, a deacon of the Mt. Olive
Baptist Church.  He was converted under the pastorage of Reverend C. C. Richardson
in the Mt. Olive Baptist Church at the age of 12 years, and was also called 
to the ministry of the same church at the age of twelve. 
He remained in the Mt. Olive Baptist Church until he received the
baptism of the Holy Ghost on Easter Sunday, 1914.  He then
became a member of a Holiness Church in New Orleans, under the
pastorage of R. W. Clark.
He was married in New orleans, Louisiana in 1917, with
Reverend R. W. Clark officiating, to Sadie Williams.  Five Children
were born to this union.
He began his ministry in New Orleans, Louisiana,
preaching in churches and on  street corners.  His first message in the 
Holiness Church was taken from Matthew 3:11, Text:  "I indeed baptize
you with water unto repentance; but He that cometh after me is
mightier than I; whose shoes I am not worthy to bear; He shall
baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire."
R. F. Williams was licensed by Reverend R. W. Clark of New Orleans, Louisiana.
After laboring with Elder Clark, Williams helped establish churches
in Algerias, Louisiana and New Orleans.  His first pastorage was in
Donaldsonville, Louisiana.  Outstanding members of this first church were
Rev. Samuel Bell of California and Rev. U. E. Miller, National Secretary
of the Churches of God in Christ of Detroit, Michigan.  U. E. Miller was the
first minister saved under R. F. Williams.  R. F. Williams' second church was
at Burton, Louisiana.  He also established a number of other missions in
Louisiana and on the coast of Mississippi.
R. F. Williams moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1918 and was identified 
with the Church of God in Christ in the National Convocation.
March 1919, he was ordained at the Wellington Street Church by Bishop
C. H. Mason and other members of the ordination board.  He established a
church in Nortn Memphis, called the King Street Mission, that same year,
but later he dissolved the membership into the Wellington Street church.
After this church he co-founded a church at Jackson, Mississippi with
hPaul Brown, and at Jackson, Mississippi with Elder D. R. Curry.  He was
a very anointed man of God who was usually found preaching on the streets
while  playing the guitar or praying for someone on the road,or preaching
in a corn field--starting missions and turning them over to others to pastor;  
He was more of an Evangelist!  While traveling through Georgia, Florida
and other states, he managed with meager funds given to him, to support
himself and his family.  Bishop Mason had appointed R. F. Williams
to represent the Churches of God in Christ at the Great Unity Council
at Valdosta, Georgia, overwhich Bishop Mason and Pastor I. S. Stafford presided.
Following his speech at the Council 160 churches were united with the 
Church of God in Christ.  R. F. Williams gave them the right hand of fellowship.
Among these churches were 22 churches in Florida.
Some outstanding men from these churches included such men as
Reverends A. M. Cohns, W. R. Nesbitt and McCrary of Philadelphia.
Bishop C. H. Mason had also advised R. F. Williams to go back to Florida
to take the office of Overseer of Fl.orida, but he was so financially
impoverished that he  was unable to attend the
National Convocation of the council; He was misrepresented by a minister
of Florida, who was instead appointed as Overseer of Florida.
R. F. Williams was so broken-hearted that he resigned
all the work in Florida, but he never felt bitter in his heart towards anyone.
After this, Williams moved to Thomasville, Georgia, and by the sanctioning
of Bishop Mason, he was to take over Alabama; but he could not
borrow his fare to Alabama; so he continued to preach on the streets every day,
and the Lord restricted by ration every day to ten cents per day
with which he purchased liver and white potatoes.  In the morning his family 
had liver and potatoes, and gravy and potatoes for supper.
One day Williams said to himself "If the postman
leaves me a letter from Bishop Mason with some money in it, I will go to
Alabama".  Sure enough, the postman stopped at his gate with a letter;
He ran to the house and opened his letter.
It was from Bishop Mason who was in Los Angeles, California.  It read  as follows:  
Dear Sir:  While praying this morning your suffering came before me.
Here is a little help of seven dollars.  May the Lord bless you.
He went into the house and told his wife, whose baby was 3 weeks old,
"that the Lord had sent me my fare to Alabama".  He gave an old lady $1.00 to
nurse his wife, he bought $1.25 worth of groceries, and he left Friday night
for Samson, Florida (keep in mind that the cost of living at that time
was drastically cheaper than in today's economy).  He met Sis. Berry at
Dothan, Alabama; She was 95 cents short of her fare.  He had $1.00, so he
bought her ticket and got on the train. The Lord moved on the heart of
some of the passengers to give him food.  He arrived in Samsom
at about 2:00 PM with 5 cents.  He found ministers J. M. Mainer, J. H. Thomas,
A. L. Burke, the Smith brothers, L. H. Ford, and 44 scattered members
that had dissented from the Triumph Church. They were to organize an 
independent church of which J. M. Mainor was slated to be the leader.
R. F. Williams preached that night at the Methodist Church.  Merchants closed
their doors and the people placed their groceries on the doorsteps and all around.
Services continued until midnight.  People were outside in the trees, on top of cars
and there was no standing room inside.  All were eager to hear the gospel.  That
Sunday at about 2:00 P. M., the dissenting group and the Methodist Church
agreed that if the leaders would all get together, they made a motion to all
join the Church of God in Christ; so, the Church of God in Christ was born in the State
of Alabama.  There was great joy in the city; People were left rejoicing on the street.
As R. F. Williams walked to the train, people followed him.  He returned to
Macon, Georgia to conform the Ash Street Church of which Elder F. W. Winan
began pastoring.  After his successful ministry in Georgia and Alabama,
strengthening and indoctrinating the churches, he left for Memphis.  From
the Memphis Convocation, Elder J. L. Croon was appointed Overseer of Georgia,
and Dr. I. S. Stafford was appointed Overseer of Michigan.  
For several years, Williams confined his activities to the State of Alabama.
He pastored and built churches in High Bluff, Dotha, Abbeville, Sapp and East
Birmingham.  Among this group of churches, he presided and remained the pastor
of Abbeville and East Birmingham.  In East Birmingham he bought three lots
and built a church and pastorage.  The church was 40 x 63.  The Abbeville church
was 36 X 55.  There are three acres of land, on which there is located the 
Franklin Baldwin Institute of the Church of God in Christ.  Two teachers 
were furnished by the state board of education to teach at the 
Franklin Baldwin Institute.  The Smithfield church was 43 X 82.  R. F. Williams
was appointed as Overseer of Georgia in 1920, and was ordained to Bishop in 1933.
He served the state of Georgia as Overseer for 23 years.  During this period,
the church grew from seven original missions to 33 churches, then to 123
churches now in Georgia.  As of 2016 the numbers of churches have grown exponentially.
Williams was appointed National Chairman of the Church of God in Christ, 
President of the Home and Foreign Mission Board, and Vice-President of
the Board of Education.  In 1931, he was appointed Overseer of Ohio during the
Annual Convocation and took over the work in 1932.  Of course,
many churches continued to join the Church of God in Christ.
The National Temple at 958 S. Fifth Street had been destroyed by fire in
Memphis, Tennessee for several years.  In preparation for building the New
National Temple, which was Mason Temple, during a conference,
Bishop Mason appointed Bishop
R. F. Williams as commissioner of building for the project in 1940.
Williams secured Elder Tayor as the architech and
Elder U. E. Miller as Superintendent of Construction.  He then went about
securing a budget under the supervision of Bishop Mason;
With R. F. William's professionalism and wisdom, Mason Temple was completed
in 1945.  R. f. Williams was a knowledgeable, powerful and anointed man of
the cloth.  He was destinied for great things.
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Bishop Otha Miema Kelly
Bishop Otha Miema Kelly Earned The Title
"Mr. Church Of God In Christ"
Bishop Kelly was appointed by Bishop Mason to become the Overseer of
Eastern New York and later appointed as part of Bishop Mason's Executive Commission,
and still later, reccommended to the General Assembly by the Presiding Bishop--
Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., to be named the First Assistant Presiding
Bishop of the COGIC in 1976.
Bishop O. M. Kelly Was Loyal, Wise, Sober, Strong, And Rendered
Unequivocal Support To The Leaders Of The
Church Of God In Christ.
Above Bishop Otha Miema Kelly received The Bishop Charles Harrison Mason 
Award From Bishop Christopher C. Owens, The Founder
And National President Of The Religious Workers Guild, Inc., Of The COGIC.
The "Charles Harrison Mason" Award Was The Highest Award
Given By The Church Of God In Christ.
Bishop Kelly, in addition to fervently serving every department of the
local and National Church of God in Christ and building
Churches and School Chapels from the ground all over Mississippi,
Memphis, and New, York.  Bishop Kelly also found ther time to author a book
entitled "The Profile Of A Churchman" which concerned his life
long work in the Church of God in Christ.  The Book, as acknowledged by
Dr. Ithiel Clemmons, reflects a clear picture as to why Bishop Kelly
was referred to as "Mr. Church of God In Christ".
No one's life parrallel's more closely and is more intricately interwoven
with the origin, development, and maturation of the Church of God in Christ
than Bishop Otha M. Kelly.
Otha M. Kelly was born September 12, 1897, the same year that the Church
of God was established.  O. M. Kelly, a country boy, emerged from the barren, piney
woods of Mississippi with inexhaustible energy, dauntless courage, incredible zeal
and burning ambition.  As a black, born and reared in poverty and suffering,
he had a tremendous compassion for all people - all people, especially those in need.
O. M. Kelly, whose life was touched early by Bishop C. H. Mason, details
a crystal clear pattern of triumph over limitation, even in racist America.
Otha M. Kelly had been saved for about 4 years when he began attending a
new mission pastored by Elder W. M. Roberts who had just brought his family
to Chicago in 1916.  Kelly attended a revival held at the church in 1917, 
which was conducted by Rev. S. H. Jones of Nashville, Tennessee, and received
the baptism of the Holy Ghost after having prayed for by Rev. Jones.
O. M. Kelly said "something was happening to me.  A deep fervor for the things
of God was growing inside of me.  It was a driving unction from the Holy Ghost."
Kelly said:  "Elder Roberts was an exceptional bible teacher.  He would
teach for two or three hours on a Sunday morning, and I would just sit in awe of his
explanation of the scriptures.  In me, as well, the word was becoming "alive".
I could quote scripture after scripture with no problem.  My memory  
was keen. One Sunday morning when Elder Roberts gave me the opportunity
to preach, reaching the pulpit, I preached everything I knew in about 5 minutes.
The talk was from Psalm 150, "Praise ye the Lord. Praise God in His 
sanctuary:  Praise Him in the firmament of His power."  Then I sat down.
I had put everything I had into it.  God was calling me into the ministry;
I was ready for a life of service to Him." 
It was on February 12, 1920 when Kelly married Maudell Davis.  He
remembered this date as the time that God gave him the woman 
who would stand with him to fulfill his life's calling as a man of God.
God gave O. M. Kelly a lesson in faith when he had terrible pains in his stomach.
The doctor's diagnosis was that he had a terrible case of appendicitis which had
continued long and he refused to operate because it would have been too
dangerous.  His family and many of the saints began praying.  It was obvious
that many of the saints had given him up to die, for they began inquiring
whether or not his insurance was paid up!  Kelly began to plead with
the Lord to spare his life and raise his body up.  For the next two days it
seemed as if his life was hanging in the balance; But the following day
the horrible pain haad miraculously vanished.  He said that back in
Mississippi his father had already told his mother to not worry about him,
for the "Lord's already shown me that the boy is going to live."  His dad
stopped praying for the healing and began thanking God for his healing.
God had given Kelly a new "faith" to believe the impossible.  It was a mighty lesson 
in faith that he would need ahead for his countless future struggles.
While he was maturing in th Lord, Kelly worked closely with some of the 
COGIC's ablest leaders - including Bishop C. H. Mason, Mother Lizzie Robinson,
Lillian Brooks Coffey (long before she became the National Supervisor
of the Women's Department), and O. T. Jones, Sr.  At the time Mother
Lillian Brooks Coffey lived in Chicago, and he learned many valuable
lessons with her in the Y. P. W. W. Dept.  The other Church officials
previously mentioned would frequently travel through Chicago,
working with W. M. Roberts. 
After being ordained by W. M. Roberts Kelly began evangelizing in practically
every state, and ultimately the Lord was leading him to migrate to New York.
It was sad leaving W. M. Roberts, for he was like a father to Kelly, and of course,
W. M. Roberts didn't want Kelly to leave either.  So, Kelly finally left for
New York.  Kelly moved to New York around 1930.  Even though initially it was a sad
going away, Overseer Roberts sent Kelly away with his blessings.
It was Kelly's responsibility to pick up and drop off Bishop Mason from the
train stations during his constant traveling back and forth, not only previously,
back in Chicago, but now, also in New York.  After listening to the encouragement
and wisdom from Mother Lizzie Robinson, even though Kelly wanted no parts of
a bickering and messy situation, he decided to accept the challenge of becoming
the chairman of the board of elders to rally the brethren to support 
the acting Overseer (Elder Bryant) in the state of New York.  
Elder Bryant hadn't been able to put an end to all the internal struggles
over finance and organization within the state.  Bishop Mason
had suggested earlier to Elder Bryant that he should perhaps leave the job
for someone else and return to his church in Brooklyn.
The disgruntle brethren were squabbling with everyone jockeying for
positions of leadership; Possessing great integrity, compassion, speaking skills,
and leadership capabilities, later Bishop Mason's confidence in O. M. Kelly
increased to the point that he felt that Kelly was the best choice
for the job at hand.  As a result, even though a preacher yelled openly
and warned Bishop Mason to appoint someone else, Mason said not a
mumbling word, and appointed O. M. Kelly as the Overseer of New York.
O. M. Kelly was later appointed a Bishop and even later he was appointed
as one of the Commissioners by Bishop Mason as seen below. 
Bishop Otha Miema Kelly
"Mr. Church Of God In Christ"
In 1951 - 1952 during the declining years of C. H. Mason
(actually in June of 1951, Kelly was appointed, along with J. S. Bailey
of Michigan, and Bishop A. B. McEwen of Tennessee to form the nucleus of
of the Church's special Commission).  The commission was created at a time to
oversee the entire work of the Church of God in Christ,
and to assist BishopC. H. Mason.
After Bishop Kelly became Bishop and State Overseer,
he had a much closer relationship  with Bishop Mason.  Each year Bishop Mason
would travel through New York and spend several days with Bishop Kelly in his home.
Those were precious moments!  The Lord brought Bishop Mason along
at various times to pray with and instruct Bishop Kelly.  Bishop mason was
a genuine man of prayer and knew his was to the throne of God.  God sent Mason
along to revolutionize Bishop Kelly's prayer life.  Bishop Mason didn't
pray much at night, but in the morning, he spent two or three
hours every day on  his knees.  When he got tired of praying on his knees,
he'd take the pillow of the bed, sit down on it and keep on praying.
Bishop Kelly said that Mason's prayer life taught him what God can do
with a man if he'll learn how to pray and wait on God for the answers.
According to Bishop Mason, or "Dad", as he was affectionately called
by everyone, was never in a rush or hurry.  He would always take time to pray-
no matter what - but he would always be punctual - never late or slipshod
about appointments or meetings.  Bishop Mason was neveer much for eating,
in fact, Bishop Kelly stated that he couldn't have survived off of what
Mason ate, but Mason would always have aprayer on his lips.  God had
explained much of the deep things of the Spirit to Bishop Mason, and he was filled with
God's heavenly wisdom. 
Above Far Right:  Bishop Christopher C. Owens; To His Left, Bishop O. M. Kelly
Flanked By Others Attending the Dedication Of The Chapel Which Was
Built From The Ground In 1968.  the Dedication Was Held On 
Friday, April 19, 1974
Below Is Pictured The Chapel Which Was Donated By Bishop Kelly
To The Saints Industrial School of the Church of God in Christ in 
Lexington Mississippi.  The Chapel which he promised Dr. Mallory may 
be seen to the right of the 3rd picture on the bottom of this set below.
Although Bishop Mason's personality was demanding and forceful at times, Bishop
Mason was an humble and meek man at heart.  God had given Mason
the wisdom like Solomon that he could mediate disputes that people would
end up shouting and praising God.
The Church's outreach continued to grow in such a way that three
additional men were appointed to the Special Commission to assist in the burden
of decision making.  Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., was chosen in 1952,
and three years later Bishop U. E. Miller, S. M. Crouch, and O. T. Jones, Sr.,
were added.  
Bishop Mason was genuinely meek and loved people.  According to
Bishop Kelly, in his book "Profile of a Churchman", Bishop Mason
could have been a billionaire with the unbelieveable sums
of money people gave him.  Instead, he sent the money around the world
spreading the message of Jesus Christ.  When Mason died on November 17, 1961,
at the age of 95, there was less than $10 in his personal affects.  Bishop
O. M. Kelly spent the rest of his years building churches, building a chapel
at Saints College in Lexington, Mississippi and being a financial blessing to
the National Church of God in Christ.  Bishop O. M. Kelly did not dwell on
the successes of the past, but he continued to move forward with the
Lord, pressing toward a new mark - relying on 
Paul's advice to the Philippians in 3:13,14.
Below We See Bishop O. M. Kelly Leading A Revival Down Harlem's 125th Street
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Evangelist Otis G. Clark
Born February 19, 1903 The Picture Above Is Evangelist Otis Clark 
At The Age Of 108 (As Of 2011).
At the age of 18, Otis G. Clark fled from Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921 after the
Ku Klux Klan started a race riot and began shooting many blacks and
burning down their homes.  The race riots began in the Greenwood District
of Tulsa, Oklahoma where many blacks owned successful businesses
due to the oil boom.  Otis said that his mother's home was burned down,
and he fled, by way of the railroad (as a hobo) to Los Angeles, California
in search of his biological father.  He became a good friend with Steppin'
Fetchin and began working for many of the movie stars, such as
Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, and Charlie Chapman.  Otis Clark and his
wife actually lived in Joan Crawford's home.  He was the butler and his
wife was the cook.  
Otis began living a fast life, and during the Prohibition Era, at the age of 25,
Otis Clark was tossed into jail for boot- legging whisky.  While in jail,
the Salvation Army would come to minister to the prisoners, and as a
result, Otis Clark became a Christian.
After being released from jail, Clark had heard of the Pentecostal
Movement at a revival he had attended at the Second Baptist Church in
Los Angeles, California.
 Otis Clark says that he was priviledged to be the driver for
Mother Lillian Brooks Coffey, who was the State Mother for the Church of God
in Christ, and after attending revivals with Mother Coffey, he received
the baptism of the Holy Ghost and was forever changed.  Clark also had the
privilige of serving his mentor, Bishop C. H. Mason. who was the founder of
the Church of God in Christ, and who he referred to as "Dad".
Clark was deeply involved with the original Azusa Street Mission which
was started by W. J. Seymour who was referred to as the
"Father of 20th Century Pentecostalism".
Clark knew everyone in the Azusa Street Movement, and before the Azusa
Street Mission was torn down, he was eventually given the Power of Attorney
over the Azusa Street Ministry by Bishop Driscoll.  As of 2011, Otis Clark
still had the originaal document in his possession.  
I even discovered a booklet pertaining to the Azusa Street experience
in the library of Bishop Christopher C. Owens.  In 1942, Otis Clark
was officially ordained as a preacher and world evangelist by Bishop
Samuel M. Crouch of Los Angeles, California who was over the
Foreign Missions  Department of the Church of God in Christ.
As of 2011, Evangelist Otis Clark was the oldest living evangelist in the world
at the age of 108 and had been serving as an evangelist for over 80 years
which is longer than the average life expectancy of the average person!
As of July, 2011, Evangelist Clark was a participant in the Life Enrichment Ministries
in Seattle, Washington, along with his adopted daughter in the Lord
and granddaughter (they were assigned to watch over him at their church,
fell in love with him, and adopted him as their dad).  Evangelist Carter was sill
traveling extensively to places such as Africa, Jamica, and all over the world preaching the gospel.  He was married four times, had one daughter and outlived
all of his family members!
Elder Clark was a direct link to the Azusa Street Pentecostal Movement,
and as an international evangelist, Elder Otis Clark, in addition to compiling
booklets explaining the Azusa Street Movement, and how Bishop Mason and
others received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, he also compiled booklets
explaining the building of the historic Mason Temple, and the life and history
of many of the pioneers of the Church of God in Christ (some of which were
found in my father's library {Bishop C. C. Owens} ); In fact, Clark compiled
the booklet pertaining to the life and history of Bishop R. F. Williams
(the previous story reflected on this  Navigational Page of this Web Site).
Elder Otis Clark continued preaching and writing about the oracles of God.
He was yet spry and had a quick sense of humor, ate what he desired, took
no medications, still had all his teeth, had his own car.  Otis Clark maintained
that his favorite scripture was "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved - 
God will give you eternal life; if you're on the 
Lord's side, you are on the winning side".
You may go to YouTube and type in :
The world's eldest living evangelist;
Keeping up with Otis CBN;
Bishop Otis Clark (at 107);
A 106 year old minister, Otis Clark - Kenneth Copeland Ministries;
Otis "Dad" Clark's 105 Birthday;
Bishop Clark preaching at 107;
I have lost phone contacts with Evangelist Clark, so we don't have extended
follow-up concerning his life, but may God bless him throughout eternity.
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We Hope That This Website Has Been Informative And That You
Have Been Wonderfully Blessed
Greetings From Christine J. Owens-Jones:
We would like to take this time to present to you a great pioneer and visionary of the Church of God in Christ.  He was encouraged
by Bishop C. H. Mason to submit to the challenge
of starting a ministry in Los Angeles, California.
As a vigilant and passionate patriarch of the
Church of God in Christ, Elder Eddie R. Driver, Sr.
bequeathed a lengthy generational legacy of greatness and a blessed lineage of men of the cloth to carry out the
work of the kingdom which subsequently greatly contributed to the exponential growth of this "Grand Ole"
Church of God in Christ.
Elder Eddie R. Driver, Sr.
Elder Eddie R. Driver, Sr. was among the elders who responded to Bishop Charles
Harrison Mason's call for a General Assembly to legally organize the Church of God in
Christ in September of 1907 in Memphis, Tennessee.  He was among those who graciously accepted the Pentecostal message to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost
and speaking in tongues in accordance with Acts 2:4.
As the COGIC grew, Bishop Mason appointed  Elder Eddie R. Driver, Sr. Overseer
of California.  Elder Driver, who was the Chairman of the Elders' Council
of the Church of God in Christ, wrote the original Articles of Incorporation
for the COGIC organization and filed them in Washington DC.  You may see
a diminished version of the original Articles of Incorporation of the COGIC
organization on the Mason's COGIC Navigational Page of this website.
It was in 1914 that Bishop Mason urged Elder Eddie R. Driver, Sr., one
of his best and formerly trained preachers, to travel to Los Angeles, 
California to set up a mission to answer the call of some praying mothers
who had migrated from Texas to Los Angeles, California.
         Elder Driver answered the clarion call, left Memphis, Tennessee 
and traveled to Los Angeles.  Many souls were saved and healed.
And so, the first Church was established in the Western United States.
Elder E. R. Driver was an organizer, a civil rights activist, and a business man;
He was also a powerful preacher and a sharp-tongued man of the cloth whom
God used mightily.  He named the Church "Saints Home Church of God in Christ".
He was a college graduate and was permitted to practice General
and Corporation Law in Memphis, Tennessee.
In 1915, he sent for his family to come from Memphis, and by the
summer of 1916, he held a 30 day convocation, and the reports of the miraculos
healings attracted hundreds of people.  During the 1916 Convocation, Bishop 
Mason appointed E. R. Driver as State Overseer, and his wife, Mother Annie Driver,
as the State Mother.  This was the beginning of the urban outreach of the
Church of God in Christ throughout the Western states of the United States.
This Convocation became an annual event, and it set the pattern for the urban
organization for the Church of God in Christ.
The first Church of God in Christ Convocation on the West Coast was
held under a tent.  O. T. Jones, a young preacher of 23 from
Fort Smith, Arkansas, accompanied Bishop Mason to the Convocation
in Los Angeles, California.  Continuous evangelistic preaching went on night
and day and the reports of miraculous healings drew hundreds of people.  
Below is a picture of this Convocation.
Mother Annie Driver is sitting to the left of Elder Eddie Driver.
Bishop Eddie Driver, Sr. Passes The Baton To His Son
Louie Marcellous Driver:
Below we see the Saints Home COGIC
which was founded by Bishop Eddie R. Driver, Sr.
Overseer Eddie R. Driver selected his son Louie Marcellous, who was
called to the ministry in 1927, as Assistant Pastor to aid in the ministry
at Saints Home Church.
In 1943, Overseer Driver went home to be with the Lord 
and the congregation received Elder Louie M. Driver, Sr. as Pastor.  
Elder Louie, with his wife Myrtle and their three children -- Louie Jr.,
Thelma and Juanita Pauline -- the church continued to grow.
During his early years of pastoring, Elder Louie remodeled the Old School
House sanctuary into the first streamlined building, equipped with a 
baptismal pool lavished with mirrors for viewing purposes.  With the
convenience of public transportation, the congregation grew.
Elder Driver had a unique way of teaching and preaching the Gospel.
God did many healings of people with wheelchairs and walking canes, which were
mounted on the church wall for all to see.  The saints witnessed 
many wonders of healings during this time.  Elder Louie received
several elevations within the Church of God in Christ, including one
position that still stands today, as Bishop of the Southwest Jurisdiction,
which had been facilitated through the leadership of Bishop Hillrie Murphy,
who was Bishop Driver's son in the gospel.
Christine J. Owens-Jones
Bishop Marcellous Driver, Sr. Spent Quality Time With
Dr. Christopher C. Owens, Who Was the Founder And President 
Of The Religious Workers Guild Of The COGIC:
Much of the initial planning of the guild had actually been designed
in the home of Bishop Louie Driver by Dr. Owens in concert with Bishop Driver.
The Religious Workers Guild Presented Awards To Visionaries And
 Vanguard  Leaders In Every Walk Of Life.
Below, The Bishop Charles Harrison Mason Award Is Being Presented
To Bishop O. T. Jones, Sr. during a National Convocation.
From Left To Right:  We See Bishop Moses Cross, Bishop O. T. Jones,
Bishop Louie Marcellous Driver, Sr., Dr. Christopher C. Owens
And Bishop W. L. Porter
Below Center Front:  From Left To Right We See Dr. C. C. Owens,
Mother Myrtle Driver And Bishop Louie Marcellous Driver.  On The Back Row
Far Left Is Utah Smith Flanked By Others; Dr. Owens And
The Drivers  were very Dear Friends.  As A Matter Of Fact, Mother Myrtle
Driver (Bishop Louie Driver's Wife) Was The Appointed
Secretary Of The Religious Workers
Guild, Inc.

Bishop Eddie R. Driver, Sr.
Below Dr. Christopher C. And Evangelist Elvie J. Owens Were
Having A Wonderful Evening Dining Out With 
Bishop Louie And Mrs. Myrtle Driver.
Below Just Another Another Occasion For Bishop Louie Driver To
Participate With The Presentation Of Awards To
Church Officials With Dr. Christopher C. Owens And The Religious 
Workers Guild Of The COGIC
Below is an article show casing Bishop Louie M. Driver's
Elevation And First Convocation
Bishop Louie M. Driver, Sr. passed the baton to his son
(the grandson of Bishop Eddie R. Driver), Elder Louie M. Junior,
and appointed him as Pastor of Saints Home Church in the year 1972;
the membership approved of this elevation.
Bishop Louie Driver, Sr. lived a full and sanctified
life in Jesus until 1975.
Presenting Elder Paul Grimes:
The Great Grandson Of
Bishop Eddie R. Driver, Sr.
And The Legacy Of Bishop
Eddie R. Driver, Sr.
Continues With
His Grandson:
Elder Louie M. Driver, Jr.
The community on 20th Street and Hooper Avenue became more
commercial which inspired Pastor Louie Jr. to relocate
Saints Home Church to a more residential area at
7801 South Main Street.  The move to the new location presented
new challenges with gang activity.  With much praying, fasting, teaching,
singing gospel songs and community involvement, the battle was won.
Pastor was available every day to counsel and offer help
where needed.  When the mebership would leave town to
fellowship with other churches, Pastor would go to the drug and
gang houses to ask them to watch the cars in the parking lot and the 
church building for safety purposes.  This action of confidence opened
a door and some neighbors did attend services.
Pastor Louie had a zeal for helping young people with education
and with God's natural outdoor activities.  Once a year for a three
day weekend, the church went Camping.  The purpose was to learn about
nature and the importance of working together, but most of all 
to thank God for life.  Pastor Louie never left the church unattended
as he went on Evangelical journeys.  The Assistant Pastor Eld. James
Powell, in keeping with the leadership of Pastor Driver, was very capa ble
in maintaining the order during all services including Sundays.
Pastor Louie Driver, Jr., received many commendations for
his 25 years of service and work in the community.
God called him home in 1997.
Succeding him was Eld. Curtis Morse who pastored from 1997
until his passing in February 1998.  He was affectionately called
"Singing Cowboy".
Dr. Elder Richard Buckner Sr., was appointed Pastor of Saints Home
in 1999 by Bishop George McKinney and served with wife First Lady Sharita.
Elder Buckner was appointed as Supt. of Hosanna District.  He also obtained
an Honorary Doctorate of Theology.  He worked diligently to refurbish the
outside of the church and was insrumental in the purchase of additional property
for the church.  Known for his enthusiastic preaching 
filled with many quotable phrases, he fittingly encapsulated his vision in the
phrase "Depopulate Hell and Populate Heaven".
Under adverse health situations, Pastor Buckner was noted for his faithfulness
and dedication.  He was appointed as an Advocate for International
Presiding Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson.  In 2006 the Lord called him home.
Elder William Johnson was appointed Pastor in 2007 by
Bishop George D. McKinney.  As a Jurisdictional Officer he was very dedicated.
He was elevated Supt. of the Howard Dell District.

The Prayers Of The Saints
Availeth Much
As we have witnessed from the foregoing, it is obvious that the
prayers which were offered by the saints during the reign of
Bishop Charles Harrison Mason and throghout the successive generations
of Bishop Eddie R. Driver, Sr.
have certainly availed much.  His mission and ministry which 
began in 1914 has certainy flourished through the years and continues
to grow, develop and vigorously thrive during this present day.  
Currently, Saints Home has the privilege of being led by
Bishop Eddie R. Driver's Great Grandson: Elder Paul Grimes;
and, of course, there has been seemless transitions of vanguard leadership
throughout the subsequent generations of visionaries.
Pastor Paul Grimes enthusiam and dedication to the Saints Home COGIC
has been uplifting and encouraging.  A manifestation of God's greatness and 
anointing power is further exemplified in the fact that the
Saints Home Church of God in Christ just celebrated 100 years
of existance during the month of October in 2016.
Pastor Paul Grimes is currently endeavoring to reach the community;  
He is striving to have Saints Home to be considered
as the community cornerstone.  Pastor Paul initiated 4th Saturday Outreach 
ministry where the members participate in physical exercise and provide food and clothing to those in need.  Throgh his ministry, Saints Home has attained
new members, fostered connections with LAPD and built relations with
surrounding churches.  Elder Grimes has implimented Pastoral Bible
Study to further the knowledge of the congregation.  He has vision
for Saints Home, and with God's favor and strategic ordering of 
of our steps, we will continue to grow.
Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!
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Elder Louie Marcellous Driver, Jr.
And The Legacy Of
Bishop Eddie R. Driver, Sr.
Lives On!
Bishop George McKinney,
Elder Louie Marcellous, Jr. Was Attending A Religious Workers Guild Banquet
Sponsored By Bisho C. C. Owens
The preacher who is immediately seated to the viewer's right of Mother Lillian Coffey (who is seen behind the pulpit in the
speckled dress behind Bishop Mason at the podium), is the late Bishop Eddie R. Driver.
Above, Shirley L. Sylva, Musician
Church of God In Christ Veteran Psalmists And Minstrels 
Featuring a modest sampling of pioneer COGIC singers, musicians, song writers, and recording artists who were quite talented and well loved.
It would be remiss of me if I did not begin this
section showcasing COGIC MUSICAL Pioneers
without honorably mentioning the talents of the founder of the Church of God
in Christ-- none other than Bishop Charles Harrison Mason.
He was famous for singing songs given to him by the Holy Ghost, some of which
were rendered on the spot in unknown tongues and ultimately
translated to his audiences by himself; God gave him the gift of speaking in tongues
accompanied with  the gift of interpreting tongues and writings rendered under the
anointing.  One of Bishop Mason's favorite songs was the famous COGIC "Yes Lord"
praise, which according to Dovie Simmons, (the biographer and personal
secretary of Dr. Arenia C. Mallory, (who was the President of the COGIC's
Saints Industrial School in Lexington, Mississippi), was a song which
 Dr. Mallory composed and sang under the anointing as she was repenting
during a special service in New York city.  The song was so anointed and so loved, that it
spread like wild fire in popularity, and became COGIC's signature praise song.
"The COGIC Praise Hymn"  "Yes Lord".
Bishop C. H. Mason,
An Anointed Psalmist
Evangelist Arizona Juanita Dranes
Born 1891 In Texas &
Died In 1963 In 
Los Angeles, California
Arizona Juanita Dranes was a blind missionary, singer, recording artist
and pianist within the Church of God in Christ Denomination.  She was blind from birth and attended the Texas Institute for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind
Colored Youth in Austin, Texas from 1896 to 1910.
She sang and played the piano for Bishop C. H. Mason
and the COGIC organization during the 1920's.
As a matter of fact, missionary Dranes was credited as the first person to ever 
play the piano on a gospel recording; missionary Dranes was one of the first gospel
artists to bring the musical styles of Holiness Churches' religious music
to the masses outside of the Church walls with her recordings and performances.  
Her singing and recordings were
prevalent during the 1920's and the 1930's, and she shook the foundations of gospel
in the 1920's by introducing secular styles like barrelhouse (Boogie),
and ragtime into spiritual music.  In 1922 Dranes joined the Church of God
in Christ in Wichita Falls.  She soon became a favored singer and pianist
of the founder, Bishop C. H. Mason.
Arizona was the National Chairman
of the Handicapped Committee of the 
Church of God in Christ.
You may click on You Tube and locate some of the following songs:
I'm Going Home On The Morning Train
He Is My Story
God's Got A Crown
Just Look
It's All Right Now
He's Coming Soon
My Soul Is A Witness For My Lord
Lambs Blood, He Has Washed Me Clean Bye & Bye, We Are Going To See The King
Arizona Dranes is Seen Situated At The Piano On Stage
Below From Left To Right:  Mother Coffey, Missionary Arizona Dranes
It was stated that after missionary Arizona Dranes began touring
Texas, Tennessee and Oklahoma, that Mother Ida Flagg, the
mother of Evangelist Elvie J.  Owens, was also one of the favored singers of Bishop
C. H. Mason in the city of Memphis, TN; supposedly  she could blast her
voice from the rear of the temple
and could be heard all over the church without the use of a mike.  Mother Ida
Flagg and Mother  Maudell Oliver (the mother of Vernon Oliver Price)
were both giants in the ministry of music and in the ministry of the gospel; 
When Mother Flagg began raising a family, Mother Maudell
Oliver was more available as a songbird in the church.  
Mother Elvie Owens and  Mother Maddie Flagg Porter were the offsprings of
Mother Ida Flagg who carried on the legacy of the singing ministry
in the Church of God in Christ.
In the Photo above, it has been speculated that missionary
Arizona Dranes is positioned to the left behind Bishop Mason.  But even though
there is an uncanny resemblance, we can't be certain of this speculation 
due to the fact that we don't know the extent to which she was blind. 
If she was legally blind (meaning having very limited sight; that could account
for her wearing the eye glasses).
Below, Mother Maddie Flagg Porter (Center Front & Wife of Bishop Willie L.. Porter)
has served  faithfully as a missionary and singer in the Church of God in Christ
for over 40 years.
Below, Rosetta Tharpe
Rosetta Tharpe was born March 20, 1915 in Cotton Plant, Arkansa
and died October 9, 1973.  She sang gospel and jazz witj a 
substantial following in both secular and gospel gemres.
As a prominent singer, songwriter and recording artist, Rosetta 
attained great popularity in the 1930's - 1940's.
Rosetta was referred to as the "god Mother of Rock And Roll".
Rosetta Tharpe began performing  as  a child with  her mother, She was one
of the first artists  to perform in both churches and secular clubs, and
is credited with bringing gospel music into the mainsteam in the 1030's - 1940's.
She toured until her death in 1973 in Cotton Plant, Arkansas.
Tharpe's mother, Ketie Bell Nubin, was a singer, mandelin player,
and evangelist preacher for the Church of God in Christ.
Bishop Mason encouraged musical expression in worship and allowed
women to expound the gospel.  It was in he mid 1920's when
Tharpe and her mother setteled in Chicago.  They continued to perform
 religious concerts at Roberts Temple Church of God in Christ on 40th & State Street.
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Click on You Tube and locate these songs:
Didn't It Rain
This Train
Down By The Riverside
Up Above My Head
Before There Was Mattie Moss Clark, Or Rosetta
Tharpe, There Was Arizona Juanita Dranes !
Below, Dr. Arenia C Mallory

Dr. Arenia C. Mallory
Dr. Mallory, who was the President of the Saints Industrial School which was
founded by the Church of God in Christ in Lexington, Mississippi,
was quite a talented singer and musician.
In fact Bishop C. H. Mason was so impressed with her musicianship that, after seeing her perform at a workers meeting,
he offered Dr. Mallory the opportunity to serve in the interim
position of President of the Saints Industrial School due to the fact that
the current president was deathly ill.  But the position became a permanent
position due to the death of the president.
During the early 30's the Church of God in Christ was contemplating
closing Saints Industrial School due to lack of funds, but Dr. Mallory was so
dedicated that she encouraged the staff to take a cut in salary, and used her
musical professionalism to start a student group called the Jubilee Harmonizers
 and began to travel throughout the country to various churches and schools
for purposes of garnering donations and recognition for the Saints
Industrial School.  With this strategy Dr. Mallory accomplished the task of
keeping the school open and constructing new 
buildings on the campus site, including a Chapel which was donated
by Bishop O. M. Kelly of New York.
Below, Is The Jubilee Harmonizers showcasing Dr. Mallory in the center front..
2 Psalmists From Mother Flagg
Below, Evangelist Elvie J. Owens, Wife Of Bishop Christopher C. Owens
2 Iconic Singers From Missionary Maudell Oliver, Below
Above From Left To Right:  Vernon Oliver Price, Her Husband, Vincent Price
Vernon's Mother, Maudell Oliver
Below (Left to Right):  Loretta Oliver And Sis. Vernon Oliver Price:
Following in Their Mother's Foot Steps
Ernestine Washington, The Wife Of Bishop F. D. Washington, Was A
Soprano Gospel Singer In The Church Of God In Christ During The Period
Of The 1940's.  Born 1914.  Died 1983
She recorded records from 1943 - 1948.
The amazing thing is that both Ernestine Washington and Maddie Flagg Porter
sang in National Conventions for many years and their voices were very similar
to the degree that people often confused the two personalities.
Below,Dr. Mattie Moss Clark
Dr. Mattie Moss Clark Prepared Her Daughters To Continue Her Legacy
Dr. Mattie Moss Clark was born in Selma, Alabama on March 26, 1925.  She was a
gospel choir director for most of her life and has been credited as one of the
first to teach 3 part harmony to a choir. She relocated to Detroit, MI
in 1958 and shortly thereafter organized the Southwest Michigan State choir
of the Church of God in Christ. In addition to being a song writer, vocalist,
pianist, arranger and choir director, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark was also the 
President of the National Music Department of the Church of God in Christ for 25
years, and founded the Clark Conservatory School of Music in Detroit.
Over the years Clark recorded with such artists as Elder James Moore,
Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Elder James Lennox, Reverend Richard "Mr.  Clean" White.
and Betty Ransom Nelson.  Mattie Moss Clark also helped such artists
as Walter Hawkins, Hezekiah Walker and Richard Smallwood to get their
careers started.  She recorded more than 35 albums during her career and was
one of the first gospel artists to receive a gold certified album before passing
away at the age of 69 on September 22, 1994 in Southfield, MI.
Ernestine Washington
The Clark Sisters:  Jacky, Twinke, Dorinda and Karen (Sister Denise left the
group in the Mid 80's); the Clark Sisters have spent the last 3 decades singing preaching,
evangelizing and teaching the word of God across the country and abroad carring on the legacy of their mother (the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, a gospel
legend in her own  right who received three gold records during her musical career).
The group has recorded over 12 albums and have contributed collectively
and individually to countless other projects.  They have influenced a countless
number of musical artists in the field of gospel, pop, rhythm and blues, jazz
and hip hop.  Their uniqueness remains untouched.  Although the Clark 
Sisters have worked in their individual ministries they've come back together
to record projects which garnered them multiple grammy and steller awards.
Karew Records is the label headed by the youngest
sister Karen and her husband, Bishop J. Drew Sheard, who is a member
of the General Board of the Church of God in Christ.
Anna Broy Crockett Ford
Mother Anna Broy Crockett Ford migrated to the city of Detroit
in 1942 and was identified quickly as a strong vocalist, but her
contribution to the gospel scene was in her inapt ability to
organize gospel groups.  In 1945 she organized a
gospel choir at the church of Bishop John Seth Bailey.
Four years later, prompted by the success of the choir, the
sainted founder of the Church of God in Christ, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, entrusted her to organize the International Music Department.  
She was appointed the National Director of Music by Bishop Mason
in November, 1949 and given permission to develop and establish
a formal music department of which she served as Director of
the International MassChoir until 1972 - a total of 23 years
(succeeded by Mattie Moss Clark, who became the first International President
in title in 1968 by Presiding Bishop J. O. Patterson).
In 1947, Mother Ford, Mother Ford began her service to the
International Women's Convention as a music Director.
In 1951, Mother Lillian Brooks Coffey, our 2nd General Supervisor,
asked her to become the official Minister of Music for the International
Women's Crusade and Convention, a position she held until her death.
The first COGIC hymnal was created in 1957 and was made available
through the National Music Director, Mother Anna Crockett Ford.  In
1982 during the 75th Holy Convocation the Diamond Jubilee of
the Church, the COGIC ppublished "Yes Lord", the official, authorized
hymnal of the Church, which included many arrangements and songs
written by COGIC and African-American musicians and songwriters,
including Mother Ford.  It was compiled by Professor Iris Stevenson.
In 2004, Mother Ford was inducted into the International Gospel Music Hall
of Fame and Museum.  Mother Ford went to glory on December 29,2003.
Professor Iris Stevenson

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Below, Luvonia Whittley(Left) And Professor Iris Stevenson (Right):  Top Photo
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Professor Iris Stevenson
Above. Vernon Oliver Price:
Vernon Margaret Oliver was the eldest of 10 siblings.  
She was born to Elder Mauris And Mother Maudell Oliver.
December 1, 1929 was her date of birth; her parents were giants in the ministry
of music and the ministry of preaching the gospel.  Vernon displayed early
signs of becoming a music legend.  It was in 1932 at the tender age of 3 when
the genesis of Vernon's musical gift and singing career was acknowledged.
Vernon was admired and respected as a willing vessel unselfishly sharing
her gift at Robert's Temple Church of God in Christ when her p arents
were under the pastorate of Bishop W. M. Roberts.  Bishop L. M. Ford of St. Paul
COGIC and the Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ encouraged Vernon
Oliver Price and appointed her as the choir director of St. Paul, and
as State soloist for the First Jurisdiction of Illinois.  You may find Loretta Oliver
on You Tube -    " Walking up the King's Highway"
Mother Ida Flagg, Below
Dr. Betty Nelson, Below
Karen Clark Sheard Of Karew Records, singing for Bishop Owens
at a Religious Workers Guild Function!
Professor Iris Stevenson, who was called "God's Global Music Ambassador", is a
gifted composer, concert pianist, educator, evangelist , music consultant and
vocal coach has trained and inspired thousands of singers and musicians
throughout the years.  She was appointed as an International Vice President by the Late
Presiding Bishop L.. H. Ford in 1994, and reappointed by the Late Presiding Bishop
Chandler David Owens in 2001; the Late Presiding Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson
elevated Professor Iris Stevenson to the high office of International President.
This action made her the third appointed International President of the
Music Department of the Church of God in Christ (the fourth leader in succession).
Go to COGIC. org for
 more details concerning life details and experiences and education .  Iris Stevenson and the elite choir performed for President Obama seen in the pictures below.
Above:  Betty Nelson is receiving a Citation of Commendation from
Bishop Christopher C. Owens, President and Founder of the Religious
Workers Guild of The Church of God in Christ,Inc.
Below, Far right, Eld. James Lenox
attending a Religious Workers Guild Banquet In Memphis, TN.

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Below, left, James Lenox and Bishop C. C. Owens
Below, left, B ishop Christopher C. Owens and Aldrea Lenox
James and Aldrea Lenox were parents of Lamont. Calvin and Queenie Lenox

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Middle Photo:  Left To Right  Bishop Christopher C. Owens,
Professor Iris Stevenson,
Dorinda Clark Cole
Betty Nelson
Professor Iris Stevenson 
Below, Sarah Jordan Powell

Above, Bishop C. C. Owens and wife Evangelist Elvie J. Owens; he is seen enjoining one of his favorite past-times:  Playing the piano; in his younger years, he was the musiian for the Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr. Glee Club, an activity for the  Y. P. W. W. Youth within the Church of God in Christ

Sarah Jordan-Powell performed for Jimmy Carter in1978.  She was born Oct. 6, 1938.  She is the 3rd of 12 children, the daughter of a minister and pastor at the
Turner Memorial Church of God in Christ and
a great gospel music icon who apprenticed under Thomas A. Dorsey.  She joined the Sally Martin Singers.  James Cleveland encoureged her to record.  in 1972 she recorded 
"Touch Somebody's Life", and "When Jesus Comes".  She was the COGIC'S Fine Arts
Director for 10 years and served on the Year of the Bible Committee as requested by President Ronald Reagan.  At the request of Bishop Louis Henry Ford, she had the opportunity to minister to President Bill Clinton along with Bernard Johnson.  
She released 4 additional albums between 1975 - 1990.
    Above, Lamont, Calvin (who is deceased and not shown), and Queenie Lenox, children of parents Elder James and Aldrea Lenox listed above.  Aldrea Lenox  and James Lenox were both members of the Thompson Community Singers.  Aldrea also sang with the Dorothy Norwood Singers and the Jessy Dixon Singers.  Pastor Lamont Lenox, Calvin Lenox and Annette "Queenie" Lenox both followed their parents into singing gospel music: 
Queenie Lenox is a 
background for the Donny McClurkin Singers, conducts workshops. Lamont Lenox is a singer, songwriter, musician and the pastor of the Greater Holy Temple COGIC.  Click on
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Judith McAllister, Below
Dr. LuVonia Whittley is known as the woman gifted in administration, an
organizer among organizers, and a towering figure in the gospel music industry.  For the international Music Department, this vessel   excellence was given to us as our beloved former International
President.  Born May 15, 1943, Mother Dr. LuVonia Allison-Whittley
is the eldest daughter of the late Auxilliary Bishop Bennie Allison and the late mother Mozilla Allison.  She's been happily married  for 51 years to
Elder Robert Whittley, Sr. with whom she shares two sons
(both pastors), two daughters-in-law, and 6 grandchildren.
Mother Whittley holds a Bachelor's Degree in education from the Chicago State College, Master's Degrees in Language Arts and Administration from Chicago State University, and the Doctorate 
Degree in Theological studies from the Midwest College and Seminary.
On the National level Dr. Whittley served for 25 years with the COGIC'S
with the Fine Arts Department as a music  activities Coordinator, noted for organizing and leading COGIC'S Fine Arts Orchestra appointed
in 1989 under the late Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr.  In 1992 she was appointed as a Vice Presidednt for the International Music
Department alongside Madame Mattie Wigley.  In 1994, she was appointed to succed the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark and served for six and a half years as the illustrous President of the International Music 
Department under the late Bishop L. H. Ford and the late Bishop
Chandler David Owens; she was recognized for bringing 
organizational structure and wide participation to the Music Department.

In view of her multifaceted competencies in music Administration and evangelism, Mother Whittley was appointed as the AIM D
rew Sheard, Chairman.  She currently serves
as a member of the AIM Executive Leadership Team (Supt. Lynwood
Dillard, Chairman; Executive Team Executive Board  member for the National Leadership  Conference and Team, and member  of the
Executive Board member for the National Leadership Conferences and 
member of the Executive Board for the Inernational  Women's 
Department (current General Supervisor, Mother McCoo, and General
Supervisor Emeritus, Mother WillieMae Rivers; as of 2017

Luvonia Whittley

Above, Judith McAllister is a singer, songwriter and recording artist who was appointe Minister of Music of the National Mass Choir Church of God in Christ;
She currently serves in this capacity (2017)
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Current Pioneers
Bishop Darrell  Hines ~ Miracle
Briefly, Bishop Darrell Hines had experienced the ordeal of being struck by
lightening at an airport in Detroit, MI, and had been flatlined for over
45 minutes.  It is said that while in the  hospital, he was in a great deal of 
pain, and that his screams sounded like the noise from an elephant or some wild animal.  Through the prayers of his mother and the saints God brought him through 
this terrifying ordeal victoriously.