To our visitors:  Some of our viewing audience, unfortunately, assumed that this page should have been discontinued and removed from our archives, because it appeared to be antiquated and outdated, and therefore served no purpose. On the contrary, rather than succumb to this presumptuous view, and label this page as old and outdated, it is paramount that we apprise you, our viewing audience, that this page represents the life and legacy of our deceased visionary, and is therefore perceived as a historical document.  The information found here-in is priceless; these events cannot be re-enacted.  This page will remain essentially the same having minimal, if any, changes or upgrades!!  Please enjoy as you peruse this article.
This Transitional Page is not designed to display mourning and sadness, but we desire to display the passions of Bishop Christopher C. Owens and how those passions mattered and were orchestrated during Bishop's life.
 How did his life matter?  How did he overcome obstacles and what were the major strategies he incorporated to draft and impact his vanguard leadership?  What were the life choices he allowed God to ordain in his life?  We want to show how God used him to minister to others while he was alive.  

Bishop's Transition
Bishop Christopher C. Owens departed this life on Thursday Morning, November 6, 2003.  Bishop Owens had visitation at the Emanuel Church of God in Christ on November 14, 2003 from 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
The Location of the Church:
3058 W, Van Buren
Chicago, IL  60612
The Owens Family
The Late Bishop Christopher C. Owens Received His Honorary Doctorate Degree In Theology From The Trinity Hall College Of Divinity And Ultimately Exercised His Humanitarian Passion To Impact The Kingdom Of God By, Not Only Presenting Awards From The Religious Workers Guild, Inc., From Both Civic And Christian Platforms, But He Also Was Commissioned By The Trinity Hall College Of Divinity To Confer Doctorate Degrees To Many Of Our Brothers And Sisters laboring In God's Vineyard. 
Having His Steps Ordered By God, And Being Equipped With An Incredible Portion Of Faith, Bishop Owens Was Quite Gifted In Ministering, Mentoring And Challenging Young People, And Adults Alike, Who Were In Need Of Love, Direction And Uplifting From Low Self Esteem And Satan's Entrapments!!
Bishop Owens Stressed The Fact That We Are God's Children And Are Therefore Fearfully And Wonderfully Made And That It Was Imperative That We Trust And Give Honor To God As  Our Author And Finisher.  He Stressed That "All God Wants From Us Is For Us To Want From Him."  
God Is Our Friend And Nurturer And His Grace  Base Is Much Broader Than We Can Imagine.  Bishop Owens Subscribed To The Fact That We Should Not Judge The Saints, And Not Try To Spiritualize Them.  However, We Should Be A Little More Creative In Providing An Environment As Well As Godly Incentives Which Would Allow The Individual To Become Transformed Out Of The Box And Ultimately Compel Them To Be Showcased, And Processed Until God Allows Them To Walk In Deliverence.
He Left A Legacy Of How To Live An Abundant And Pleasing Life.  This Scrapbook Oriented Web Site Has Been Posthumously Dedicated To The Life And Legacy Of The Late Bishop Christopher C. Owens:  To One Of God's Great                           And Anointed Visionaries!!                           

Pictured Above:  Left - Dr. E. E. Dickerson, Right - Bishop C. C. Owens

By The Power Invested In Bishop Christopher C. Owens By The

Trinity Hall College Of Theology, It Became Necessary

For Bishop Owens To Confer Honorary Degrees Of Divinity To Many Of His Constituents In The Body Of Christ 

Below Bishop Owens Is Conferring An Honorary Doctorate To Dr. Mattie Moss Clark

Below:  Dr. Christopher C. Owens Is Now Preparing The Doctoral Candidate, Sister Janice Carter, For This Auspicious Ceremony Under The Auspices Of The Trinity Hall College And Seminary.
Dr. Owens Will Confer A Doctor of Humanities Degree Upon The Candidate On 2/07/1993.
Below:  Sister Janice Carter Has Had Her Cap And Collar Ceremoniously Placed On Her Head And Over Her Robe Respectively, By Dr. C. C. Owens, The National President Of The Religious Workers Guild, Inc.
Below:  We Now Present To You Dr. Janice Simms-Carter
Doctor Of Humanities
A Faithful And Dedicated Worker And Precious Saint In God's Vineyard
Pictured Above From Left To Right:
Dr. Christopher C. Owens, Dr. Janice Elizabeth Simms-Carter,
Who Is Currently A Duly Ordained Minister By The
American Ministerial Association,
And The Late Bishop Bennie Allison, Who Was The Pastor Of The
Corinthian Temple COGIC In Chicago, IL.
In The Year Of 1993, Dr. Janice Carter Was A Member Of
The Corinthian Temple COGIC.  Currently, Dr. Carter Is A
Member Of The Instant Deliverance Church Of God In Christ,
Whose Pastor Is Mother Shirley Hughes, Supervisor 
Of First Illinois Jurisdiction.
Pictured Above We See Dr. Janice Carter After Having Received
Her Doctorate Of Humanities Degree.  She Was Overwhelmed
By Experiencing This Awesome Event.  She Is Portraying
The Utmost Confidence, And We Certainly Wish Her God's
Blessings As She Endeavors To Accomplish Her Future Goals.
We Would Like To Thank Her For Allowing Us To Display
Her Doctor Of Humanities Degree (Below),
Which Reflects The Signature
Of The Late Bishop Christopher C. Owens From The Trinity
Hall College And Seminary.
As Previously Mentioned On The Historic Reflections Web Page
Of This Web Site, The Trinity Hall College And Seminary Is Where Our 
Beloved Bishop Charles Harrison Mason Earned His Doctorate Of
Divinity Degree In 1957 (4 Years Before His Death)
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And The Processional Of Honorary Doctorate Awardees 
Affected By Bishop Owens' Fervent Prayers, Anointed Blessings,
And Serious Encouragements Continues.
Bishop C. C. Owens Constantly Impacted The Lives Of  Each Recipient
Until He Left For His Passage To Eternity. 
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Bishop Christopher C. Owens Was Ordained By God To Be Powerfully
Armed And Dangerous In Propagating The Gospel Of Jesus Christ 
And In Demonstrating Love, Honor And Compassion To The Masses 
Processional Of Doctorate Awardees

The Family Graciously Referred To Bishop Owens As "BIG DADDY"

The Late Bishop Christopher C. Owens Left Behind A Legacy

Of Love, Honor and Humanitarianism as President

Of The Religious Workers Guild, Inc.

Below, Is A Showcase Of A Very Small Percentage Of Life Long Friends

And Recipients Of Presentations From The Religious Workers Guild, Inc. 

The State Funeral For Bishop Owens Was Held At The
Miracle Revival Cathedral COGIC
(2010 St. Charles Road In Maywood, Illinois)
On Friday, November 14, 2003 And Was Officiated By
Elder Michael Anthony Richardson,
The Nephew Of Bishop Owens And The Assistant Pastor Of The Emanuel COGIC
Many Family And Friends Were Present At Both The State And The National
 Funerals Of Our Beloved Bishop C. C. Owens
Bishop Christopher C. Owens, May God Watch Over You Throughout Eternity!
We Shall Remember Your Smiling Face
And Happy Disposition
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I thank the Lord for blessing us to spend 63
wonderful years together.  Spending
most of  my life with you
has been a tremendous blessing
from God.  Our journey together
in marriage and ministry, has 
touched the lives of many.
I could not have asked 
for a better husband,
nor for a better blessing! 
From Your Loving Wife, Elvie!
Bishop Owens was interred in a sealed vault
at the Forest Home Cemetery in
Forest Park, Illinois.
We will miss him dearly, but we are
comforted knowing that he is
resting in the arms
of Jesus
We Praise God For Your Heavenly Promotion!
Born Into Time, February 21, 1921
Born Into Eternity, November 6, 2003
Bishop Phillip Brooks, The First Assistant Presiding Bishop
Of The Church Of God In Christ, Officiated The Funeral Of Bishop
Christopher C. Owens.
The Repast Was Held At The Holy Temple COGIC, 246 N. California Ave.
Chicago, IL, where Eld. Lamont Lenox Is The Pastor.
Many Family Members And Friends Were In Attendance.
The National Funeeral For Bishop Christopher C. Owens 
Convened At The Miracle Revival Cathedral COGIC
Located At 2010 St. Charles Road On November 15, 2003 
Bishop Chamberlis Was The Host Pastor
Wake:  10 A. M.     Funeral:  11:00 A. M.
Well Done Thou Good And Faithful Servant
We Have Had Our Last Earthly Communion Together!
Bishop's Homegoing
Above Left To Right:  Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake & Bishop C. C. Owens
Below, Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., And Bishop Christopher C. Owens 
Dr. C. C. Owens, Who Was An Accomplished Pianist, Was The Musician For The
Youth Department Glee Club Under Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr.
They Sang And Prayed Together In Their Younger Days!
Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., Officiated In The First Wedding Ceremony Of
Bishop & Mrs. Christopher C. Owens
The Newlyweds
Continuing The Tradition, Many Years Later, Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., 
Officiated Their 25th Renewal Of Wedding Vows Celebration
Celebrating 50 Years Of Marriage Officiated By Dr. E. E. Dickerson Of Memphis, TN
Bishop J. O. Patterson, Jr., Officiated The 58th And 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations
Of Bishop Christopher C.  And  Evangelist Elvie J. Owens