Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson
Historic Reflections
The Presiding Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson Era - 2000 ~ 2005
Lets Get A Closer Look At God's Vessel.
Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson was saved in May of 1951 at the age of eleven
at the Holy Temple Church of God in Christ in Memphis, Tennessee
where his father, Bishop W. A. Patterson, was the pastor.
The revival conductor was Elder Johnny Brown age of 16 .  
One month later, he was called into the ministry, and in
January of 1957, he preached his first
message (Subject:  "We Wait For Light, But We Walk In Darkness" -  Text:   Isaiah 59:9).
Patterson was licensed by his father in March of 1957, and ordained
by Bishop J. S. Bailey in August of 1958. 
Below Left To Right:  Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson, Bishop Christopher C. Owens
In December 1961, Patterson returned to Memphis to Co-Pastor his
father's church, the Holy Temple Church of God in Christ while he attended
Lemoyne College.  From December of 1961 till June of 1964, the church had
experienced no growth, but after Gilbert Patterson led the congregation in a 3 day
fast, followed by a 30 day tent revival, and subsequently bringing 55
new souls into the church, from that time on, Gilbert Patterson exemplified
a gift for drawing large crowds.  By 1965 he was known as God's Young Apostle.
He continued to Co-Pastor The Holy Temple Church of God in Christ, 
and experienced tremendous growth between 1964 - 1974.
In 1969 after the death of Tennessee Bishop McEwen, Sr., a rift began
between the Patterson family.  Many of WEst Tennessee's pastors wanted
Gilbert Patterson's father, Bishop W. A Patterson, Sr., to return from Detroit
to full time service in Memphis (to his church where his son was Co-Pastor)
and become the Jurisdictional Bishop of West Tennessee.  Presiding Bishop
flatly refused, using the Catholic Church as his example.  He felt that the
Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ should be the Bishop of Memphis
(should live where the church was located), just as the Pope (living in Rome)
is the Bishop of Rome.  Bishop Gilbert atteempted to champion the cause
for his father, but failed.  During the Convocation of 1974, the General Board
supported the Presiding Bishop, and was preparing to move against
Bishop W. A. Patterson, Sr., and his son (Gilbert), to remove them from the
Holy Temple COGIC in Memphis.
In an effort to end the feud and stop anyy other efforts against his father, 
Gilbert Patterson resigned from Holy Temple with an effective date of 
February 23, 1975.
We are going to continue this interesting story and reveal the
outcome of the family feud, but before we reveal the outcome, we would like
to introduce you to Gilbert Patterson's Father (Bishop W. A. Patterson, Sr.),
who was the brother of Presiding Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr.
Bishop W. A. Patterson would occasionally serve as the guest speaker of 
Annual Anniversary Celebrations for Dr. Christopher C. Owens
at the Emanuel COGIC in Chicago, Illinois. 
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Our Family Feud Continues!
In the meantime, Gilbert Patterson purchased and remodeled the old
Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Building located at 547 Mississippi Blvd.
At that location he opened Temple of Deliverance, The Cathedral of Bountiful Blessings
on March 2, 1975.  On that day 436 persons became members of the Church.
They came from every denomination and religious organization in Memphis.
The Church was too small from the first day.
In less than 3 years the membership had grown to over 2000, therefore,
immediate plans were set forth to build a larger sanctuary.
On October 8, 1978, 3 years and 7 months from the Church's opening,
Temple of Deliverence entered into its new sanctuary.
At a cost of 1.2 million dollars, it was the first Church in Memphis built by
Blacks at a cost over a million dollars (according to Jet Magazine).
By 1984, the 1200 seat capacity could no longer  accommodate the 11:00 A. M.
worshipers.  On July 5, 1987 Chandler David Owens dedicated the new
wing which seated approximately 600.
As time went by, Bishop Gilbert Patterson had to build yet another sanctuary.
Bishop Gilbert Patterson did build a beautiful and massive Bountiful Blessings
sanctuary in Memphis, Tennessee; Bountiful Blessings is one of the nation's
fastest growing congregations with over 18,000 on its membership roll.
In 2000, Calhoun Street, where Bountiful Blessings is located, was
renamed G. E. Patterson, in honor of Bishop Gilbert Patterson.
Bishop Gilbert & Louise Patterson
Bishop Patterson founded the rapidly growing Bountiful Blessings Ministry (BBM)
which is viewed internationally on the Word Network weekly, as well as on
local TV Stations throughout the nation.
Bountiful Blessings Ministry has a mailing list of over 100,000 active donors
from outside the Memphis viewing audience.
Louise D. Patterson (Gilbert Patterson's wife for over 35 years), is now
the Chairperson and CEO of Bountiful Blessings ministries.

After studying at the Detroit Bible Institute, and the LeMoyne- Owen
College in Memphis, Bishop Patterson held an Honorary Doctorate
Degree from Oral Roberts University, and was the President of the
Charles Harrison Mason Bible College of Tennessee Fourth Jurisdiction in Memphis.
Bishop Patterson was a publisher of Bountiful Blessings Magazine and a contributing
writer in the Spirit Filled life Bible (King James Version) published by Thomas Nelson
Publishers and edited by Jack Hayford.  In 2002, Whitaker House
released Patterson's first book, entitled:  "Here Comes The Judge".
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Below Left To Right:  Supervisor Willie Mae Rivers,
Evangelist Louise Patterson, Who Had Received A Gift From The Religious Workers Guild,
And Bishop Christopher C. Owens;
Below, We Will Now Reveal The Resolution To The
Patterson Family Feud.
Above, Bishop Bonner, Bishop Owens, And Bishop Gilbert Patterson Celebrating!
God's Design For Bishop Gilbert Patterson's Position
Within The COGIC Finally Coming
Into Fruition
The Devil Tried, But Could Not Block God's Holy Vesse!
In 1986, during a telephone conversation with his uncle, Presiding Bishop J. O. Patterson,
the Presiding Bishop expressed his desire to see his nephew back
as an active member of the Church of God in Christ.
As a result of that phone conversation, Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., had
Gilbert Patterson's name added to the General Board's ajenda during the
Convocation of 1986.   Many of the General Board members had waited
for this day and had often spoken of Gilbert Patterson's return.
Board members such as O. T. Jones, Jr., F. D. Washington, J. D. Husband,
Leroy Anderson, and C. D. Owens had given him their ardent support.
The most vocal was Gilbert Patterson's life long friend, Chandler David Owens.
He refused to break his friendship with Gilbert Patterson, although he
was frequently under great pressure to do so.  During the November 1986
General Board Meeting, the General Board members voted 11 to 0 to invite
Gilbert Patterson to come back to the active ministry of the COGIC
as a Jurisdictional Bishop with the Jurisdiction in Memphis.
This meeting was chaired by Bishop Ford in the absence of  Presiding Bishop
J. O. Patterson, Sr.  This action of the General Board meeting of 1986 was
not executed by Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., until January 1988 at
the Bishop's Conference in Jacksonville, Florida.
Below Left To Right:  Bishop J. S. Bailey, Bishop W. A. Patterson (Gilbert's Father),
Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., (Gilbert's Uncle), Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson, Bishop Husband
Bishop Gilbert Patterson was elected to the General Board i 1992
and again in 1996.  After graciously conceding the last election that
he lost by only 1 vote to Bishop Chandler Owens (1,429 - 1,428), Patterson's
supporters, including a number of bishops, immediately called for a recount,
but Gilbert Patterson waived it off.
Gilbert Patterson told the denomination's 89th General Assembly
in Memphis, "Thank you for your support, but I never want to see
the Church of God in Christ split over whether or not I should have been elected
as Presiding Bishop." Patterson's broader view made him more popular than ever.
Four years later he was elected Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ
by a wide margin;
Bishop Gilbert Patterson was elected on November 14, 2000 by more than 900 votes.
Bishop Patterson, one of the denomination's most popular preachers,
had become its leading advocate for ecumenical, interfaith, interacial and
even secular boundaries.
According to Dr. Robert Franklin, a  Professor at Emory University's Candler
School of Theology, and a member of the Church of God in Christ, 
"Bishop Gilbert Patterson is a stabilizing figure, a bridge figure between
younger an older members of the denomination."
"He helped bring the Church forward out of its insularity and into interaction
with the force of his own piety and his dynamic personality and preaching."
Bishop Patterson often said that he was a spokesman for the Holy Ghost.
He was called to transmit the truth, the raw gospel, the inspired, the infallible
and undefiled word of God.  He preached without notes (usually 35 - 45 minutes);
His deep, resonant voice would usually start slowly and lowly.  It would the pick
up steam, moving from a whisper to a shout, from talking to singing, from
solemn to sanctified.
In 2002, Bishop Patterson charted COGIC Charities, Inc.  Through this non-profit
organization, the Church of God in Christ, Inc., has assisted victims of natural disasters
both foreign and domestiic, as well as other charitable efforts to uplift humanity.
He was one of the most sought after speakers in the country.
His character, his leadership and his powerful preaching extended his influence
beyond the Church that he so dearly loved.
Below Bishop C. C. Owens, Sis. Christine J. Owens-Jones, Bishop Gilbert Patterson

Below Bishop C. C. Owens (Left) Celebrating With Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson
Bishop Gilbert Patterson died on March 20, 2007 of heart failure.
In 2005 he announced that he was battling prostate cancer, and was
hospitalized in January for an unannounced illness.  On March 28, 2007, the
Senate of the United States of America passed a resolution
celebrating the life of Bishop Gilbert  Earl Patterson.
The Sponsors were Senator Obama, Levin, Kerry, Alexander and Corker.
He was interred at Memorial Park Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee.
Bishop Patterson's dear friend and First Presiding Assistant Bishop
of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr.,
succeeded him as Presiding Bishop.
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