Historic Reflections
Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake
Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blakes' Cabinet ~ 2007 - Present (2016)
A Respected And Dynamic Preacher, A World Class Leader,
A Visionary, A Friend:
The Presiding Bishop Of The Church Of God In Christ,
Bishop Charles Edward Blake
Top Row Left To Right:  Bishop Charles E. Blake, Presiding Bishop (Prelate,
California Southern First - A Position Which Was Relinquished By Him In 2010,
Los Angeles, California); Bishop Phillip Aquilla Brooks, II, First Assistant Presiding
Bishop, (Prelate, Michigan Northeast, Detroit, Michigan);
Bishop Jerry Wayne Macklin, (Prelate, NorCor Metropolitan, Haward, Californnia);
Bishop Wilbur Wyatt Hamilton, Secretary To The General Board,
(Prelate, California Northwest, Seaside, California);
Second Row From Left to Right:  Roy Lawrence Hailey Winbush, Assistant Secretary
To The General Board, (Prelate, Louisiana First, Lafayette, Louisiana);
Bishop Chandler David Owens, Former Presiding Bishop,
(Prelate, Georgia Central, Marietta, Georgia);
Bishop J. Neaul Haynes, (Prelate, Texas Northeast First, Dallas, Texas);
Bishop Samuel Lee Green, Jr., (Prelate, Virginia Second, Newport News, Virginia);
Third Row From Left To Right:  Bishop George Dallas McKinney,
(Prelate, California Southern Second, San Diego, California);
Bishop Wyoming Wells
Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, (Prelate, Wisconsin Southeast First, Milwaukee, Wisconsin);
Frank White, (Prelate, New York Eastern Third, New York, New York);
Below Left To Right Displaying A Victory And Solidarity Handshake
Bishop Jerry Wayne Maclin ~ Second Assistant Presiding Bishop
Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr., ~ Presiding Bishop
Bishop Phillip Aquilla Brooks ~ First Assistant Presiding Bishop 
Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr., serves as the Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle
of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., a close to 8 million-member
Pentecostal-Holiness denomination.  On March 21, 2007, Bishop Blake 
became the Presiding Bishop of the COGIC due to the untimely death of
the former Presiding Bishop Gilbert Patterson.  
In a November 2007 special election, Bishop Blake was elected to complete
the unexpired term of his predecessor as Presiding Bishop.Then again
in November of 2008, Bishop Blake was re-elected to serve a full four year
term as Presiding Bishop.
Bishop Blake is the fifth Presiding Bishop and the 7th Leader of the
Historically African American denomination.  From 1985 - 2009, Bishop Blake
was the Jurisdictional Prelate of the First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of California
overseeing over 250 churches that make up the jurisdiction.  He was succeeded 
by Bishop Joe L. Ealy.
Bishop Blake is the pastor of the West Angeles Church of God in Christ, one
of the largest churches in the Western United States with a membership
of more thaan 24,000.  He is recognized as one of the great preacheers of this
generation with a message that ministers to the whole person and
brings people of various racial and ethnic backgrounds together.
In 1982, Blake was selected by Ebony Magazine as one of the 15
"Greatest Preachers in America".   Since 2007, Ebony has recognized 
Bishop Blake annually as one of the 100 + most influential African Americans.
Bishop Blake has been noted and respected for his intellectual, dynamic
expository delivery and style of preaching.  He is an ardent advocate of education
and academic excellence, who holds multiple academic and honorary
degrees from various educational institutions.  Most recently, California State
University, Los Angeles, conferred an honorary doctorate upon Bishop
Blake (June 12, 2010). 
In response to the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa, Blake founded and is the president
of the Pan African Children's Fund (PACF).   Save Africas Children, a program of PACF,
currently provides support to over 220 orphanages
throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.
Below Left Presiding Bishop Charles Blake
Right, Bishop Christopher C. Owens Offering Praises, Encouragements
And Congratulations On The Progress Being Made On The Construction And Foundation 
On Bishop Blakes New Church!
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Below Bishop & Mrs. Charles Blake
Bishop Blake was the Founding Chair for the Board of Directors
for and serves as a member of the  Executive Committee of the Board of
Directors and as a Board member of the Board of Directors for the
Interdenominational Theological Seminary.
Bishop Blake has served as the Chair of the Executive Committee, served
as a member of the Board of Directors of Oral Roberts University,
and as a member of the Board of Directors of international
Charismatic Bible Ministries.
Bishop Blake has also formerly served as an Advisory Committee Member
of The Pentecostal World Conference, and as the founder and Co-Chair of the
Los Angeles Ecumenical Congress (LAEC), an interdenominational
coalition of religious leaders and pastors.
He has also been awarded the Salvation Army's William Booth Award,
the Greenlining Institute's Big Heart Award, and was the designated recipient
of the L. A. Urban League's
Whitney M. Young Award for the year 2000.  
Bishop Blake has quoted the 8th chapter of the Book of Acts
as it pertains to the first expansion of the Church of Jerusalem
to validate COGIC's decision to move the National Convocation from Memphis,
Tennessee to St. Louis, MO for 2010 - 2012.  He was convinced that it was God's
will for the COGIC to move outside of its comfort zone - its Jerusalem (Memphis),
and launch out into the deep; Bishop Blake had stated that
"Though it took extraordinary circumstances to dislodge believers 
from the comfort zone of Jerusalem, the hand of God would later prove
to be the instrument that started the evangelical thrust that we are 
beneficiaries of."
As a visionary, Bishop Blake further suggests that "the COGIC has launched
out into the deep waters of God's will to change the world, and that
this most recent activity was an opportunity for the Church of
God in Christ to serve as a "Flame of Evangelism" to impact the Midwest
and further equip the Church to represent God's Ambassadors
of good will towards all."
 It has been the desire of our Presiding Bishop that all saints would
become dreamers and visionaries and strive to make great
accomplishments for kingdom living; that we develop leadership abilities,
sharpening our theological foundation, strengthening social justice through
community development, and equipping ourselves to live a life that pleases God.
Presiding Bishop Blake and the presidium had commissioned a national team
of planners, capital development professionals, and church leaders to implement
the timely completion of a project of an impressive, global, administrative,
informational, and operational center on the campus on the
Worldwide Mason Temple Headquarters.
Bishop Sedgwick Daniels was selected to Chair this committee and
orchestrate deliverables in concert with the administrative team at headquarters.
The John Lee Administrative Center was designed to afford denominational
departments and ministries the ability to empower congregational initiatives,
strengthen jurisdictional programs and advance  international COGIC ministries.
Our Worldwide campus is a federally designated national landmark, and
for the first time in 40 years, our ministries will operate from a central
location in Memphis on the campus of Mason Temple.
The Presiding Bishop pushed for a capital campaign of more than 2 million dollars
to underight this project.
This  involved the renovation of an additional 20,000 square feet
on the John Lee Administration Building at our Worldwide Headquarters at
Mason Temple.  The project was completed slightly ahead of schedule in 2010.
Below Current Development Improvement Project of The 
Church of God In Christ, Inc.
The John Lee Administration Building Signage
Campus Of  The Mason Temple Headquarters, Memphis,Tennessee
Below, The John Lee International Administration Building
Renovation Development Project In Progress
Scheduled To Be Completed For Opening In 2011
Below, The Completed Church Of God In Christ International Administrative
Headquarters John Lee Building
Scheduled For Opening , Wednesday,  September 8, 2010 At 5:00 P. M.
On The Campus Of Mason Temple Worldwide Headquarters
With An Episcopal Designation Annd Building Dedication
Below, Parents Of Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake
Bishop & Mrs. J. A. Blake
Below, Young Loyal And Faithful Preachers Who Came Up Through
The Ranks Within The Church of God In Christ.  They Were Expected To Become
Prominent Bishops And Leaders Within The COGIC.
All Of Them Became Great Leaders
In The Background, 3rd From The Left You Will See The Current
Presiding Bishop Of The Church Of God In Christ,
Bishop Charles Edward Blake
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