As previously stated, The Religious Workers Guild, Inc. was adopted by Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, The Founder of The Churches of God in Christ, Inc., in December of 1959.  Many Christian workers from various walks of life had been honored by the Religious Worker's Guild, Inc., for their varied contributions to society.

As with the Religious Workers Guild, Inc., The Bishop Christopher C. Owens Memorial Foundation is dedicated to fervently serving, honoring and energizing mankind, to grasp God's purpose and respective destinies, to walk by faith and to move forward by constantly evaluating the present and by envisioning the future.

A great heritage of love and compassion was left with us, and we are honored, blessed and anoited to accept the baton of serving and catapulting humanity to a higher conciousness and an intensified manifestation of excellence.  We have assumed the initiative and have received the anoiting to encourage positive change for all mankind:

The Intelligent, the depressed, the oppressed, the deluded, the disgusted, the bungled and ill advised, etc., to embrace the proven foundation of holiness and righteousness; our main focus is to promote promising futures.  Our mandate of ministry is to focus on building intelligent people of faith and integrity who will fervently dedicate their lives to prayer, praise, purpose and power for Godly living - who will continually serve as a light and witness to the lost and hurting.

In the midst of turbulent and overwhelming fears, humanity is searching for an abundant life and hapiness, rest and tranquility, and a blessed future.  by virtue of this fact, the Bishop Christopher C. Owens Memorial Foundation realized 

  that it was imperative to implore and encourage mankind to give their hearts to Christ and to establish communication and renewed relationships with God in order to extend cohesiveness and meanings to human existence and purpose.

This foundation is dedicated to the clarion call of serving and performing as a  catalyst in inspiring hope and optimissm, elevating aspirations into excellence, and turning adversities into victories and life's set-backs into triumphs.

We are striving to provide tools to navigate our people (especially our youth) into realizing and achieving their God given customized destinies by:

~Awardiing Educational Scholarships

~Fostering Programs To Deter Substance Abuse

Providing A Center For Recreation (Especially For Underprivileged Youth)

~Tutoring - Job Training And Wellness

~Encouraging Entrepreneurial Ventures

~Ultimately Providing Shelters For The Battered And Homeless

"We Have Unwavering Faith And Vision For The Church, Community And Humanity!" 

We're Seeking God's Way For Us And Our Succeeding Generations Through Obedience, Prayer And The Word"  II Chronicles 7:12 - 14 & Ezra 8:21 -23

All Things, All People, All Godly Strategies To Advance The Agenda God Has For The COGIC:  To Win Souls And Disciple People Of Every Nationality!

Great God, Great Visions, Great Accomplishments


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